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Tips to Help you Lose Weight

by Vimerson Health Team June 13, 2016

Tips to Help you Lose Weight

Losing weight does not need to be an ordeal.

Just change some basic every-day habits and start to see results!

Drink more water >> Hydration is very important. Drinking plenty of water does not only aid in flushing toxins away but also helps curb appetite.

Eat three meals and two snacks in between >> Skipping meals just makes you feel hungry and overeat later on. Another thing to avoid is eating after dinner, since it might disrupt your sleep.

Walk one hour every day >> It doesn’t have to be a hurried walk or jog… you can simply walk at a relaxing pace, but be sure you walk for an hour. Go outdoors and leave the treadmill only for rainy days. The idea is to get your body moving.

Cut off junk food and fast food >> There is absolutely no nutritional benefit in junk food. Breaking the habit of consuming junk food and fast food will improve your health and wellbeing. Organize yourself, plan your meals and cook them. Real food is what your body truly needs.

Keep an eye on portion sizes >> Keep in mind that the amount of food that the stomach can hold is roughly the size of two cupped hands. Try not to exceed that amount at any one sitting, and if you do near that size, try to do so at lunch when your digestive juices are at their strongest. Also, eat in small plates… that will make it seem you’re eating more.

Get plenty of sleep >> Rest is vital. When we sleep, our body cleanses and purifies itself. If you rest properly at night, your body will function at its best the next day, giving you more energy to exercise and a clearer head to fight cravings. Sleep is basic to any diet plan.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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