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Getting to know Arthritis

by Vimerson Health Team June 09, 2016

Getting to know Arthritis

Arthritis is defined as the inflammation of a joint. As joints get inflamed, they can produce warmth, stiffness, swelling, pain and redness. When severe arthritis occurs, it can lead to having trouble performing daily activities such as using the stairs.

Arthritis is the leading reason of disability in USA. It is most frequent in older people, but it can also appear in mid-aged women and men.

The symptoms may come and go, or continue the same over time. It may also get more intense over the years.

What Causes Arthritis?                      

If you have injured a joint at some point, you have a higher risk of developing arthritis in that same joint as time goes by.

Overweight people are at risk too. As the body tries to manage the exceeded pounds, joints get a lot of stress.

Genes can help on developing arthritis. If your parents or siblings experience this type of disorder, you may be more likely than others to have it too.

Gender also influences. Men are the most prone on experiencing gout, while women are more likely to have rheumatoid arthritis.

What Can Be Done?

Exercising & Meditating

Exercising regularly will not only reduce those extra pounds that contribute on arthritis, but also help on keeping flexibility in the joints.

Be careful on which type of workout to choose. Running may be damaging to our knees, while swimming is more compatible to people who suffer arthritis.

Meditation can be a helpful tool towards coping with pain and stress. Mindfulness Meditations is a very popular practice nowadays and this can be learned in several facilities. Some people take a few minutes every day to meditate and have found it a very joyful practice.

Massages and Hot/Cold Treatments

A soothing massage can help on reducing stiffness and pain and improve movement.

You can learn how to perform self-massages or check with your doctor for a recommendation on a massage therapist. This way you can fully relax!

Moreover, hot baths are told to help on stiffness. Make it a moment with candles and your favorite chilling music, why not?

Heating pads are also known to be helpful.

If what concerns you the most is the pain, then cold is the way to go. Use a towel to surround your ice pack or iced product and leave this in the hurting area.

Diet and Natural Supplements

Omega 3 fatty acids are just one kind of fats that can help you with arthritis.

We highly recommend our Natural Supplements. Omega 3 Fish Oil promotes healthy joints and our Turmeric Curcumin aids on reducing joint pain and inflammation.

You can also find these ingredients in powder form or on specific meals. But maybe you want to try our Supplements in a concentrated form. Remember, we offer 100% Satisfaction Guarantee so if you are not satisfied with the results we will happily refund your money.


Discuss your options with your health care professional and give it a go!

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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