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6 DIY Skin Health Solutions

by Vimerson Health Team April 16, 2019

6 DIY Skin Health Solutions

So to follow up on our DIY Beard & Hair Masks blog I have tried and tested 6 homemade skin care remedies, well some of them, some I enlisted my friends as their skin was more suitable. Most of the ingredients you should find in your kitchen or local stores, and others you may have to venture out a bit further but if you are interested then it will definitely be worth it.
1. Regular Nourishment Mask:
I’m going to start with regular skin. Sure it doesn’t need any great special attention but we should still feed our skin with moisturizing nutrients on a daily basis to ensure that it remains clear and soft.
What you need:

avocado face mask skin moisturizer diy homemade remedy regualar skin nourishing

Half an avocado
A large spoon of honey
Cup of Organic Oats
Mash the avocado then using a spoon mix with the honey and oats until you have a lumpy paste. Apply it onto your face, elbows, and knees to start with as these are the ‘driest’ parts of our body. Everyone has dry patches and it wholly depends on the season or where you are situated. I am down south in the sunny parts so my upper arms, lower legs, and cheeks (face) get dry quickly. Leave on for about 15 minutes and wash off in the shower with warm water.

Editors Note: It is a sticky option, as like all things honey, but it felt nice on my skin and afterward my skin did feel nourished.


2. Super Dry Skin Moisturizer:
There is no worse feeling than that of dry skin. It feels tight, itchy and the starvation can send your hormones into overdrive. If only applying water was enough! Although do drink more of it, especially if your lips are suffering.
What you need:

sunflower oil healthy option coconut oil skin health dry skin moisturizer Natural

Sunflower Oil
Coconut Oil
Simple and effective, and you are very likely to have at least one of these in your kitchen. After your shower apply onto slightly damp skin for the best results. I found though that Olive Oil wasn’t giving me the same results and researching online I discovered that it is not actually very good! Let’s keep this one for the hair ladies and gents.
Editors Note: I found the sunflower oil to be easier to apply if your coconut oil has hardened! I suggest trying them both over a short period to see which one suits you the most.


3. Oily Skin Solutions:
Oily skin can be embarrassing for those who have it and it is simply annoying trying to apply make-up, fake tan, or is itchy around hairy areas. The oil can attract more free radicals so the risk of irritation is higher resulting in red lumpy patches.
What you need:

witch hazel skin toner oily skin moisturizer nourishment skin

Witch Hazel root or leaves
Apple Cider Vinegar
Witch Hazel grows in many areas throughout the states and if you know what it looks like and where to find it then I encourage you to go out there and pick it yourself! Normally it grows by a water stream and looks like the image below. On a ratio of 1:1:1 mix the three ingredients together in a saucepan and boil for about five minutes. Let it cool and then strain it into a glass jar. Label and date it and store in a cool, dark place. Apply it to your skin as a toner but not every day as Witch Hazel is astringent and could completely dry out your skin!
Editors Note: I had a friend apply this as I do not have oily skin and she was very happy with the result. Best to apply every few days in the morning before your skin care ritual, and always patch test first for 24 hours.


4. Chicken Skin (Keratosis Pilaris):
Chicken skin as its most commonly (and unfairly) called is a root of much embarrassment for those who have it, although completely harmless. Usually it is found on the upper arms and/or the thighs and buttocks. I have had this my whole life and I could never wear a sleeveless shirt. The doctor couldn't prescribe anything as it is not dangerous, completely aesthetic. Still doesn’t mean we can do something to help soothe it!
What you need:

brown sugar exfoliate gentle scrub chicken skin red spots on arms sooth calm skin

2 cups of brown sugar
1 cup of Sunflower oil
A couple of drops of vanilla extract
Mix the three of these together adding more sunflower oil if the mix is too dry. But still, we don’t want a sloppy wet mixture! Store it in a jar with your other beauty products and use twice a week. When washing these areas do not use a loofa or any harsh scrubbing. This can enrage the skin thus making it worse.
Editors Note: A gentle exfoliation works best in the morning and the ingredients will also moisturize your skin! Double win =)


ACNE AND PSORIASIS: the following two suggestions haven't been tested on anyone I know but have been researched online to try and cover these delicate skin issues. I cannot confirm that these solutions will cure, treat or prevent the skin conditions. I hope that it works for you all the same!
5. Acne
Acne is not just a puberty phase. It carries on into adulthood for many people causing negative self-image issues. This method I found to be the easiest to prepare and hopefully very effective! (leave your comments below)
What you need:

egg whites acne skin moisturizing skin peel dry skin DIY homemade remedy

3 egg whites
Beat the egg whites in a bowl until a froth appears with a fork or whisk and then leave to settle for a few minutes. In the meantime wash your face with warm water and pat dry. Apply a layer of the mix to the affected areas and let to dry, then add another layer and repeat the process for 4 layers. Leave on for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water. Pat dry once again. After you have dried your face apply a small amount of sunflower oil so as to not dry out your face.

Editors Note: you can do very similar for blackheads but place in between the layers strips paper towels to create a peel.


6. Psoriasis
This is a skin condition that unfortunately has no cure. It appears all over the body and has many triggers resulting in itchiness, inflammation, redness, and soreness. What can be done is to soothe it with a cooling agent but be wise as plain storebought moisturizing creams can irritate it more. What I suggest is an Aloe Vera Gel. Aloe Vera is an amazing skin healer when treating cuts and burns so it only makes sense to source it to help with your psoriasis.
What you need:

aloe vera acne sooth skin moisturize

1 Large Aloe Vera Leaf
500 mg Powdered Vitamin C or 400 IU Vitamin E (for every 1/2 cup of gel) (optional)

Whether you pick the leaf yourself or purchase it you must remove the resin. This contains latex and many people have an allergy against it. What you do is cut the bottom off and place the leaf standing up in a glass to drain out the resin. Leave for 15 minutes to be sure the yellow resin is completely removed. Then carefully cut the green and inner white of the leaf on one side, creating something like a canoe. From the opening, you can then spoon out the gel and place it into a bowl.

The Vitamin C or E is optional and is added as a preservative. Blend the aloe vera and powder on high and then let it settle, afterward removing it to a jar and labeling it.
Editors Note: If you wish to have a scent add an essential oil to the mix. I would suggest lavender as it has known skin soothing properties.


I would love if you commented below on your progress or on Instagram using hashtag #VimersonHealth

Here is to healthier, more beautiful radiant skin.


Vimerson Health.



Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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