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6 DIY Masks For Healthier, Happier Hair 👨👩 (Men & Women)

by Vimerson Health Team November 01, 2018

6 DIY Masks For Healthier, Happier Hair 👨👩 (Men & Women)

Advertising escapes no-one (unless you are a Luddite living deep in the wood).  It is unquestionably tricky to avoid seeing fabulously haired people all around us on a daily basis. On Social Media platforms, the journals, billboards; unnecessary to mention fashion magazines and the windows of the 10 different hair salons and barbers which have popped up on the block. That silky shiny look cannot be recreated at home unless you have a pack of stylists which surround you for your morning routine. What can be achieved though is healthier, happier hair. Here are 6 DIY hair masks for you to try at home:
Top tip: Also suitable for beards!

  • Coconut Oil:


    This is my favorite, without a doubt. All you need is a decent pot of coconut oil. Try and get one that is pure coconut oil, and of course organic and non-GMO is always the better option. Here are some simple DIY steps:
      1. Wash your hair as usual;
      2. Air dry it for a moment (so it’s not entirely soaking wet);
      3. Lather the coconut oil on your fingertips. Depending on your climate, it may be solid or liquid. Solid coconut oil is still quite soft and malleable to work with your fingers.
      4. Massage it into your hair, starting at the roots and working your way to the ends. You can use a comb here to ensure the oil is evenly spread.
      5. Wrap up your hair and leave it in for a minimum of 2 hours before washing out the oil with hot water and shampoo

    And there you have it! I can’t tell you the amount of coconut oil to use as it varies depending on your hair thickness and length.

    Top tip: start with the smaller amount.

    Extra Benefit: during the massage process you will also be fortifying your nails and softening your hands. Coconut oil is amazing!

    long hair

  • Eggs:
  • So, I guess no need to read further if you are vegan! The protein in eggs is fantastic to help elasticate and strengthen hair. Like coconut oil, you work it into your hair after washing it but this time leave it in for about 20 minutes and use lukewarm water to wash it out - so as to not cook it. We want happy healthy hair, not scrambled egg head! The different parts of the egg are useful for different hair types:
      1. The whole egg for regular hair,
      2. The white of the egg only for oily hair, and
      3. The yolk of the egg only for dry, brittle hair.
    Top tip: Use this treatment about once a month for lasting, healthier look.
    Extra Benefit: Any leftover egg can be used to cook a tasty omelet - mmm, delicious!
    egg head 
    (please don’t do this, always advisable to break the egg into a bowl!)

  • Olive Oil & Lemon:

    This is if you suffer from dry, flaky scalp. It can be quite embarrassing when our scalp flakes off onto our clothes, but there is not a whole lot we can do to avoid it. Stress less, eat better, and avoid leaving the house should do it! If you are a modern man or woman, it may be difficult to follow those three steps, so add these three ingredients to your hair instead: Olive oil, Lemon Juice & Water ratio 2:2:2. Once again:
      1. Massage into wet hair and use a comb to evenly spread it,

      2. Leave for 20 minutes, and

      3. Rinse and shampoo.

    Top Tip: Olive oil is great on its own, so don’t worry if you don’t have lemons at hand.

    Extra Benefit: Add a bit of honey to leftovers and apply to the neck to moisturize it, and lighten it if you have what is called “Dark Neck”.


  • Honey: 

  • Now that we have the honey out, this one is a moisture locking must-have treatment for dry, damaged hair. Ensure that the honey you buy is a proper one. Many of the pots, or squeezie bottles don’t have a high mass of actual honey in them, and for the best results, you need to get the best product. Try finding a local apiary who treat the bees better than the huge manufacturing plants.
      1. Massage into wet hair and try to comb it to spread it evenly,
      2. Leave for 20 minutes, and
      3. Rinse with warm water
    Top Tip: Pre-mix the honey with sunflower oil if you find it difficult to massage.
    Extra Benefit: It is super tasty!

  • winnie the pooh honey
  • Avocado:
  • Now I thought that this was just a cheap shot with the whole avocado craze spreading across the country, but then I tried it. It works. Having been dealing with frizzy, unruly, dry hair for years I am delighted to have this green savior finally in my life (or in my hair to be precise). 
      1. Mash avocado with a fork,
      2. Massage in damp hair using a wide tooth comb if needed,
      3. Leave for 15 minutes, and
      4. Wash out with water.

    Top Tip: Add egg yolk for a moisturizing boost.
    Extra benefit: Spread the remainder on some toast for a quick snack!

  • avocado
    Olive Oil & Brown Sugar: 
    This is another great one for dry hair. The brown sugar acts an exfoliant removing dead skin, and gently massaging the scalp. Brown sugar is better for you than the white refined sugar we usually buy. White sugar is full of calories whereas brown sugar has been mixed with molasses which contains some good healthy minerals.
      1. Mix the oil and sugar at a 1:2 ratio,
      2. Massage into damp hair and scalp,
      3. Leave for 20 minutes, and
      4. Rinse.
    Top Tip: If you wrap your hair in a towel while you wait, rinse it immediately to avoid a sticky towel.
    Extra benefit: We should all replace white sugar with brown sugar so it is motivation to get brown sugar into your cupboards if you don’t do already.
    I hope this will be a help to you and your hair battles. Let’s aim for less of those “bad hair days” and more “fabulous hair days”. You don’t need to have long hair either to benefit from these treatments. And some men have hair issues (even if they don’t like to speak about it too often). Rubbing coconut oil into a bald scalp can help induce hair growth! bald man
    Vimerson Health.

    Vimerson Health Team
    Vimerson Health Team


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