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Amazing Self Massages

by Vimerson Health Team June 20, 2016

Amazing Self Massages

You can either take a few minutes at the office, or take a moment at home and apply some hydration cream while you massage each muscle.

It is important to complete this process with a slow and conscious breathing. Inhale through your nose taking the air to your belly and out.

Ready? Here we go!


Let's Start with the Head

This simple technique is a relieve for those annoying headaches and also feels very good.

Place your fingertips on your head. Start moving them as when you are applying shampoo in the shower. The intention is imagining you are trying to separate the scalp from your skull. Do this for 2-3 minutes.


Neck and Shoulders

Place your hands around your neck. Fingers should be placed at the top of your neck, on the sides, leaving the thumbs down.

Apply some pressure on the fingertips while you slowly move them from top to bottom. Continue the movement till you reach the shoulders. Start over.


Aw, the Lower Back...

Place your hands on your lower back, thumbs on the sides and palms facing the back.

Move your hands up and down with a bit of pressure, creating some heat in the area.

Then, move with your knuckles as if they were climbing up and down the back. No hurry, just try to relax your muscles.


Quad´s Time

Relax the muscle by sitting down on a chair, bench or couch.

Rub your hands from the bottom of the hips to the knee area. Then do the same applying the heels of the hands.

Get your hands together as in a prayer position and interlace fingers. Place the muscle between both hands and gently squeeze from bottom to top. Change the leg after a few minutes.

Finally, press your elbow up and down moving the center and the sides of the muscle.


The Calf

To fully relax this area we recommend sitting down on the floor, placing the feet on the ground and bending your knees.

Kindly move the muscle with your hands so it moves from side to side.

Press your thumbs and index fingers in the Achilles tendon. This specific place allocates a lot of tension you may not notice on your day to day basis.

Place both hands on the calf muscle and move them around squeezing smoothly to fully relax.


Hands and Feet: Pleasure Guaranteed

You can either choose to sit on the floor or on the chair or even be standing up with your hand on the wall to gain some stability.

Take a tennis ball, place it under your feet and slowly move it around letting the weight on your feet to control where the ball should go. Breathe smoothly and play with it.

Take one hand into the other. Move your fingers applying some pressure around the palm. Make sure to cover the center of the palms, the base of each finger and then move towards the nail area.

Happy Chilling Time!

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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