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Back Pain

by Vimerson Health Team June 16, 2016

Back Pain

Back pain can happen due to daily habits you can easily change.
Some examples are smoking, being overweight, wearing high heels, sedentary life, lifting heavy objects, and having a drooping posture.
How we feel can definitely impact on our body. Anxiety, depression and stress may make the pain more acute.
Accidents and Injuries
Many of us have experienced an accident where, unfortunately, an injury was caused. This can be treated and cured easily or become a chronic pain or condition.

Sprains and strains may happen as a result of a car accident or falls to name a few examples. This means tendons, ligaments or muscles have been injured.

Spasms happen when tendons and muscles are torn in the lower back. Most occur when playing sports or weightlifting.
Vertebral fractures mean the spine has suffered a break caused by a big impact
Spine-related Issues
There are several cases of spine-related problems that cause back pain.
Bulging discs: people may not feel this, or only feel it pushes a nerve root. It is characterized by bulges.

Slipped discs: this means the soft tissue in the discs present between joints has come out. Of course, this can cause pain, usually in the low back area.

Degenerative disc disease: The discs or “shock absorbers” between the spine’s vertebrae shrink or tear. This means the shock is not being absorbed by them so the bones are rubbing each other. This can happen with age.
Inflammation and wear of the sacroiliac joint: This happens where the spine meets the pelvis. Pain is experienced when the joint here damages, due to arthritis, an injury or even after pregnancy.
Spinal stenosis: the spinal canal has narrowed, adding pressure to the spine and nerves. People may experience shoulders or legs being numb. It is common on people over 60.
Cervical radiculopathy: the irritation of a nerve in the neck area may cause loss of sensation in the arm or hand.
Spondylolisthesis: it occurs when a bone in the spine moves forwards over the one below it. It is most common in the lower spine and it can cause numbness on the legs due to the nerve root being squeezed.
Coping with Pain
Always talk with your health care professional to seek the advice that best suits you.
Depending on your personal condition you may find comfort in physical therapy, stretching, yoga, or maybe trying alternatives such as acupuncture and natural supplements.
We hope you found this article helpful! Feel free to share your opinion.
Vimerson Health.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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