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Exercises for Back Pain Relief

by Vimerson Health Team August 04, 2016 1 Comment

Exercises for Back Pain Relief

Oh, our back. Our poor and mistreated back… It holds our entire body upright and concentrates so many bones, muscles, cartilages, and nerves!
We thought it would be a good idea to gather some nice exercises to relax our back. Give some love back!
But first, here are some useful tips that are key to be able to practice a healthy and satisfactory exercise:
  • The following exercises are meant to be relaxing. Concentrate on how you are feeling. How do your muscles feel? Is your body giving after a few seconds or not? If it is, gently work with it. If it is not, just breathe gently and hold each position. Be aware and react accordingly to take care of yourself at all times.
  • Be comfortable. Your clothes should be flexible and comfy enough to allow you to move freely. Your environment should support this also.
  • Once you reach the desired position, hold for 20/40 seconds so your muscles and joints can fully relax. Repeat as desired.
  • Try these exercises first thing in the morning when you wake up and before going to bed. This way you can start and finish each day on the best way and enjoy at your fullest potential.
Feet Up

Lay down on the floor and place your hips next to the wall. Get your legs on a vertical position and make sure your body is centered. Your hands can be on your stomach or at the sides. Relax your body and enjoy this exercise that helps your heart and feet take a break. It is perfect to calm down and also to relieve back pain.
Child’s Pose

Place your knees together on the floor and let your hip fall into your ankles. Relax your head on the floor and leave your arms on the sides with your palms facing upwards. Remember to keep your elbows in a comfortable position. This pose relaxes our whole spine. When you inhale try to extend your column creating the feeling that you are creating space between the vertebras. When exhaling, relax your chest, shoulders, and neck while keeping your eyes shut.
Plow Pose

Lay on the floor facing up. Inhale and exhale gently a couple of times. Whenever you feel ready, when exhaling, impulse your feet, legs and back backward. Place your hands on your back to support this position and elbows on the floor as wide as your shoulders. Your feet toes should be on the floor, your legs should not bend and your back should be perpendicular to the floor.
Psoas Major Muscle Stretching Exercise

The Psoas Major muscle attaches to the front portion of the lower spine and can greatly limit low back mobility when tight. It often is one of the sources of low back pain in patients who have difficulty standing for extended periods or kneeling on both knees. This muscle can be stretched in a half kneeling position (kneeling on one knee). Rotate the leg outward and tighten the gluteal muscles on the side you’re stretching. Next, lean forward through the hip joint rather than bending through the lumbar spine. A stretch should be felt in the front of the hip that you are kneeling on. You can either leave your arms on the sides or move them upwards to ensure a complete spine stretch.
Vimerson Health Team.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


1 Response

Patricia Williams
Patricia Williams

October 01, 2018

What I have watched so far seem to be exactly what I need. Similar to ones I have been doing, but these exercises add the finishing touch

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