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Meditation How-To Guide For Beginners

by Vimerson Health Team May 06, 2020

Meditation How-To Guide For Beginners


Meditation is the journey to inner-peace and, ultimately, nirvana. Many things can be achieved by meditating from relieving stress to finding sleep to finding your glasses. Meditation is essentially the liberation of your mind from your materialistic worries and then using concentration to reach a positive state of mind. When we meditate daily the little things bother us less, and the greater things are easily dealt with. 

This guide does not need to be followed religiously every day - the objective is for you to be calm and relaxed, and happy. 

Step 1 - Cleanse

If meditation is to be a part of your daily routine, ensure to include a daily detox cleanse. This can be attained by drinking hot water and lemon each morning. Having a toxin-free body will lighten your body during meditation and will veer your session to other objectives. 

Step 2 - Shower

I love having a shower before I meditate. For my skin to be clean and smelling fresh it makes me happy therefore makes my session a happier one. I feel like if I want my mind to reach a pure state then my body should also be clean inside and out.

Step 3 - Your Space

Having your own space is important. It needs to quiet, isolated, and tidy. If you live in a small place then try some of these:

- Create your space in front of your window: have a view of nature where you will not be distracted by cars or people speaking.
- Find a quiet corner: In your bedroom decorate your own corner. Put some comfy cushions down, light some candles, tape some relaxing images to the wall.
- The bathroom: An unusual one, but if you have a bathroom separate from the toilet then use this space. Lay a blanket on the floor and light some candles.
- The garage: Our garage has become an extra room. I use it for my office, it is our household private space - if some time-out is needed, any of us can go to the garage for an hour to ‘breathe’. 

For wherever you choose your space please have it tidy. If there is a mess in front or behind you you will only be distracted and unable to clear your mind. The same for your garage - hoover it up, light some candles, hang some wall hangings.

Step 4 - When

The best time to meditate is before your day begins. This can be very difficult to start at the beginning. If you wake up already at 7 am to a full household and schedule then finding the time to meditate can seem impossible. It was hard, but I set my alarm to 15 minutes before the house life wakes up. And I am able to continue it because the difference it makes it amazing - I have more patience and energy to get the household schedule on track to success.

Step 5 - How Long

Start small. Do even 1 minute, in the beginning, to get used to the habit. This will help you improve your space and only when you feel comfortable, lengthen your sessions. Move slowly, or fast, whatever your mind needs.

Step 6 - What To Do

- Sit comfortably, legs crossed preferably, but put them straight out in front of you if you are not so flexible.
- Place your hands on legs, relaxed.
- Back straight, facing straight forward.
- Close your eyes
- Concentrate on your breathing. Deep breath in through your nose, long breath out through your mouth.
- Concentrate on one object, thought, or place, and stay there.
- Ignore other thoughts trying to creep in.
- Block out the noise.
- Repeat, again, and again, for as long as you can.

Thoughts and discomforts can interfere with your meditation. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Allow these thoughts to enter, meditate on your them, and let them slip away slowly. Don’t try to do a perfect session - you will set yourself up for disappointment and discourage yourself form doing it again.

Step 7 - Session Complete

Give thanks when you finish your session. I am speaking to no one in particular, in fact, it is directed to my very self. Be grateful for having to be able to meditate. Stand up slowly and take a large drink of water. Shake my body a little, smile, and open the door to being your day.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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