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How To Get Rid Of Headaches Naturally

by Vimerson Health Team November 17, 2016

How To Get Rid Of Headaches Naturally

Oh, headaches! Yes, those naughty little mean visits they pay. Unexpectedly (or maybe not so much) they just crash into our lives and make us miserable. Some of us just live with them but others really need to take a day off. Well, we would love to contribute with some knowledge. Are you up for a little experiment?

Hot And Cold

This tip is very specific as it depends on which kind of headache you experience. You can suffer from a headache because the blood vessels expand and press your nerves. If this is your case you should try applying a cold compress.

Or maybe the cause of this pain is tension and anxiety. Then, try going for the hot compress to help you calm down and relax your muscles little by little.

The hot compress can be an electric heating pad or a warm towel. The cold one can be a bag of frozen food or of ice.

Either way, follow these simple steps and test it. Choose a calm place (or at least a place where you can chill a bit). Turn the lights down and place the compress on your forehead for a bit. Focus on your breathing, relax your body, and take some minutes for yourself. Then switch the compress to the back of your head or on top of it, or even your shoulders. Follow the rhythm your body shows you.

When you feel better, and ready to get back to your routine, do this gently. Take your time and try switching from this calm environment to another easy one where the noise and light helps your transition.


Sit Up Right

If you spend a lot of time sitting down at work or doing physical work that demands difficult movements and weight efforts, you should always bear in mind that your posture is your support. You should remember this and correct it whenever you feel you are starting to feel any ache. If you are able to correct it beforehand, even better!

Get an ergonomic chair, sit up tall being able to be chill, and don’t spread tension through your body. Keep your shoulders back, open your chest and let the neck follow this line without hunching forward.

Remind yourself to drop your shoulders. Make yourself aware of how you carry your shoulders. When you think of it, tell yourself to drop them down. You’d be surprised at how often we carry them hunched up too high, resulting in soreness and, of course, headaches.

If your work requires a physical effort, focus on strengthening your core muscles.


What Are You Having?

Sugary drinks, coffee, alcohol… they just dehydrate you causing pounding headaches. Avoid these drinks in excess and make peace with water. Yes, the one and only. It has unique benefits for every aspect, just drink it, daily.

And if you think it may be too late, just try it. If you have exceeded the dose of these difficult drinks, try drinking water. It may help more than you think.


Breathe And Move

We usually take breaths that are too shallow to get most of the oxygen we need to our head. When this happens you get that pounding sensation. Make an effort to breathe deeply, starting in your diaphragm and filling your lungs.

Exercising is one of the best preventions. It releases endorphins which can ease many discomforts on our body. Enjoy the outdoors if possible. Feeling the invigorating fresh air can renovate your whole energy!

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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