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Promoting Cardiovascular Health

by Vimerson Health Team July 20, 2016

Promoting Cardiovascular Health

We have gathered some important information for you to promote your cardiovascular health in a natural way. Ready? Here we go!

Enjoy your Hobbies
Practicing your favorite activity is a great way to deal with stress. We are all aware of how stress can damage our health.
Wether it is yoga, meditation, tennis, running or reading a book. Just take care of yourself by taking time to enjoy your activity.

Cigarettes are Not Allowed
No matter if they are the real or electronic, just ditch them.
It is recommended to choose the electronic rather than the traditional one, but these also contain nicotine. So you are not fully chemical free!
Being a direct smoker or absorbing smoke from the air is bad for your lungs and heart, so it is negative for your whole body.
Quit the old habit and start enjoying a better lifestyle! You will notice you will be able to breathe better and even smell and taste much more than before.

Sleep Away
Sleeping is a very important part of your day. A good quality rest will help you have healthy arteries, among other benefits. If you feel you have trouble conceiving a deep sleep, consider having a doctor’s appointment in order to discuss which alternatives will work better for you.
It has been shown that sleeping 7 hours is the ideal amount.

Blood Pressure
If your blood pressure gets too high, the extra force can damage artery walls and create scar tissue, making it more difficult for blood and oxygen to get to and from the heart. The heart has to pump harder and gets worn out faster. If it can't get enough oxygen, parts can start to die.
Get your blood pressure checked at least once every 2 years, or more often if it is already high. Many people are able to keep their levels in the healthy range by following an eating plan.
Cut back on salt, limit alcohol to no more than one to two drinks a day, manage your stress, and get regular exercise, too. If these changes alone don't help, your doctor might recommend you also take medication.

Go Natural
Natural supplements can help you promote cardiovascular health. Our CoQ10 and Turmeric Curcumin are meant to work on this matter among other benefits. Ask your doctor and check them yourself!

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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