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Some Suggestions to Improve Digestive Health

by Denis (Website Developer) July 13, 2016

Some Suggestions to Improve Digestive Health

Achieving a healthy lifestyle is a very important goal. It can also be a very tough one depending on each person’s case. This is why we want to provide a few tips to encourage whoever wants to try!

Eating Consciously

It is not only what you eat that matters, but also how you eat. Take your time to eat. Consider it a special moment for you and avoid multitasking such as eating and working or walking. Sit down, slow down and taste every ingredient. Don’t forget to chew!

We suggest you hearing your body. Am I about to be stuffed? Is this food making me feel good or bad? Is it gentle to my stomach? Make sure to be satisfied when you finish eating, not stuffed. If not you can feel uncomfortable, experience heartburn and upset stomach. If there are any left overs, save them for later o for tomorrow.

Avoid eating after dinner. The night snack is a habit that is hard to get rid of. Prepare healthy snacks for those occasions where you are hungry between meals, such as granola, almonds, fruit or dried fruit. You can also leave these at work, in the car and in your gym bag.

Stay Hydrated

It is common to have digestive disorders if you are dehydrated. Taking 2 liters of water per day is the recommended dose. It is a bit of a challenge to start doing this, but once you get started you will take this amount daily without even thinking about it.

Do Not Stress

Stress can give you headaches, muscle aches and even stomach aches! Digestion happens thanks to the interaction of our various systems. When stress hits, it can show in our digestion, for sure.

Take care of your body, hence, of yourself. Take the time to do the activity that most suits you. It can be meditating, painting, walking, taking a bath, and even watching a movie! Make your wellbeing a priority.


In order to fully reset your digestive system, try a gentle detox. This will balance you hormones, increase your energy levels, help stop cravings and, of course, improve digestion!

This should be completed with your favorite relaxing practice, whether it is walking, doing yoga or taking deep breaths. Whatever helps release toxic energy!


There are multiple foods that provide you with the good bacteria! These include yoghurt, organic fruit and vegetables, chia seeds and more. You can read more about these by clicking here.

If you want to try a natural supplement to help your digestions, we recommend our Probiotics and Turmeric Curcumin.

Denis (Website Developer)
Denis (Website Developer)


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