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Weight Management 🙋 : 'All About The Pounds' Some Do's & Don'ts

by Vimerson Health Team October 20, 2018

Weight Management 🙋 : 'All About The Pounds' Some Do's & Don'ts

Want to add a few pounds? Or shed a few? Or maybe you are happy with your current weight and wish to just maintain it? Well, I have here the basic Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to reaching your goal.


Do eat - if you are trying to lose weight please do not starve yourself! Intermittent fasting is OK, skipping a meal a day, but you need to ensure that you eat well and plentiful for the meals you do eat. People who do Keto Diets use this method to enter ketosis, avoiding carbs while they eat. Ketosis is when our body taps into a metabolic state which uses the body fat storage to function, rather than glucose. Ketogenic dieters need to be serious though. Often flu-like symptoms appear, but the result is more energy and better cognitive functioning. 


sloth eating

Have a good breakfast - I eat porridge every morning, and I am so happy I found a way to enjoy it without piling half a pound of sugar into it! My mother used to wake up early, make a huge pot, and stir it until it was bubbling. This was the stuff of childhood nightmares. But it is so good for you! Oats are a great slow burner. Here is how I do it, modern human that I am:
  1. Boil the kettle
  2. Pour out 100grams of oats
  3. Add some seeds - chia seeds, and seed mixes like linseed, pumpkin
    sesame (teaspoon sizes)
  4. Add dried raisins (they get so delicious when the liquid is added!)
  5. Add nuts - almonds, hazelnuts, cashew nuts, and Brazilian nuts
  6. Add enough boiling water for my oats to be absorbed, without too much liquid
  7. Let it rest a few moments, make your green tea, fix your hair or something
  8. Then add in your choice of milk - I add semi-fat cow milk
  9. Mix it up and Delicious! Honey is also a great additive, but usually when I don’t have raisins.
This keeps me running until lunch, without any snack cravings!

When looking for a salty fix, it is easily avocado, poached egg and toast, garnished with some green leaves (the edible ones of course) and seeds sprinkled on top (CHEAT: Melted cheese on top, ahem)

micro pig eating porridge

Get Moving: I have written before in our Heart Matters blog ways to keep moving to avoid cardiovascular issues, and I still stand by it. Take the stairs, use public transport, jumping on the spot while watching TV - lazy exercising if you’re not into exercising. But why not go to the gym? If you have the time (and the motivation - you can do it!) join up and take a class, or just peruse the gym trying to imitate those really well toned gym extraordinaires. But if you are the keeper of the house, or work from home (like I am, for both cases) put on some music and dance! Not only will it be great for getting you into shape (or keeping you in shape), it will release all those happy hormones putting you in an excellent mood for the day.

mrs doubtfire dancing

Drink plenty of water: This cannot be stressed enough. Water is the source of life. Drinking it will flush out all those nasty toxins and get the digestive processes moving faster and smoother. Dehydration is really dangerous, can give headaches, and put us in an awful mood for the day. Get a refillable bottle and keep on suppin’.

a cat sipping water

Do not binge eat: If you are trying to put on weight, binge eating won’t help, it will probably just make you sick. If you eat well - salads, fruits, nuts and seeds, you should feel full. Carbs are good to put on weight, but choose good carbs like brown rice, brown bread, brown pasta - basically, stay well away from those too white breads and rice and pastas. If you are trying to lose weight, then you could be trekking some uneven terrain, so just be conscious and wise. If you try the intermittent fasting and get hungry STAY AWAY FROM THE COOKIES. What I found really helped is just not buy the sweet delicious goodness, and rewire my cravings to believe that the sweet delicious goodness is fruit - which it is! Mother earth gave us candy that we can literally pick off trees. It might take a few days, with withdrawal symptoms and rollercoaster moods, but believe in your goal, believe in yourself.

cookie monster

Do not drink fizzy drinks: Sodas are full of sugar and bad carbs, not to mention the calory factor. These drinks may quench a thirst as they advertise, but they do not satisfy the need. The ‘need’ is what our body craves, namely, water. You can drink hot water and lemon also (with that spoon of honey if you still crave sugar), or tea infusions. Try to avoid too much coffee, especially lattés and cappuccinos. Water, water, water - I will mention this again. It’s so important!


soda is bad for you

Do not tell the whole world and their mother you are on an improvement or maintenance diet: The moment we open our mouths or set our thumbs tweeting, the pressure comes on big time. For me anyhow, I start to panic “Oh my goodness, everyone is watching me, I must succeed, but I want that cookie” and then when I take the first cookie, I throw out my goal cause “I’ve already failed”. No good. What does work is if you keep your goal semi-private. It should be only for you anyway what you want to achieve. Of course, tell those who you love and trust for motivation and encouragement.

don't tell

Have more: Vegetables, fruits, non-processed foods, whole-wheat carbohydrates, water, confidence, and exercise (or movement in general).
Don’t have: Junk food, cookies, soda’s, laziness (this list is short, but can be difficult)
Give it and go and challenge yourself for 30 days!
Vimerson Health.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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