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3 Food Groups To Avoid On A KETO Diet

by Vimerson Health Team March 31, 2019

3 Food Groups To Avoid On A KETO Diet

Ketogenic Diet is a fad that is not for the weak minded. In fact, it’s not a fad, it is how man and woman survived for so long on earth (I believe anyway). Back in the days of caves and grunts Primal man and woman had to survive on hunting and gathering - meat, berries, foliage. When we eat only these group-types of foods our system taps into what is known as KETOSIS, therefore, your body is burning stored fat instead of the usual glucose.
Waiter, put that bread away, I’m on a Keto Diet.
Researching Keto Diets online I found a library amount of recipe books, all dictating what I should eat but never recognizing that maybe I don’t have a salary to survive on their extravagant daily meal plans.  And neither have I found a condensed and concise list of WHAT NOT TO EAT. This is more up my alley. Tell me what not to eat and I won’t eat it, then maybe after a few weeks I’ll start to get adventurous and buy one of these books to refer to.
Basically, do not eat carbohydrates. Carbs are a huge no-no. But what exactly are carbs? Here, I will tell you simply in three different categories:




Fruit Cocktail banana apple grape

Yes, the sugar in fruits are carbohydrates so one cannot eat them - and this means fruit mocktails too! What can be eaten though are berries in small amounts, so blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, you get the picture.




Mmmm, well if you read my recent blog about dairy you would know that I suggest alternatives to dairy so this shouldn’t be too difficult! Sure life without melted cheese can be a nightmare for some, but if you consider your goals when choosing (carefully) to go on a Keto Diet then it should be worth it! And once you reach your goal you can always reach for your cheesy pizza again.



grains wheat barley rice quinoa couscous millet

Corn (maize)
Barley (although not barley grass BLOG)
I’m sorry but no breads, pastas, cakes, fries, pizza… I guess these delicious sweet and savories would usually go into the “Treat Cupboard” anyway whilst dieting.


Inspiration Keto diet motivation

There are many ways to tap into Ketosis. Eating Ketone high foods or taking a supplement, or by intermittent fasting (all of which should be discussed first with your healthcare provider). Regardless of how you get there, you can get there again. So don’t worry about failing and exiting ketosis, once you know how to get in its easy to do it again.
Achieving ketosis brings on this energy as you’ve never had before (speaking from personal experience). The drive and motivation are monumental, and even if you don’t eat a keto diet, at least you know Wednesday was very productive and could be again. Courage to all ye who venture down the Keto path, but be sure to tell people in advance so they can understand the sudden change in you!
Vimerson Health.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team



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