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5 Easy Nutritious SuperSnacks for all the Family to Boost Health

by Vimerson Health Team October 01, 2018

5 Easy Nutritious SuperSnacks for all the Family to Boost Health

Superfoods are now a household name, even for those who are not fanatic about their health. Do you have superfoods in your household? They may be difficult to find since they don’t wear masks and capes, but it’s what inside that counts. To avoid you having to pull out those thermal goggles that you impulse bought on amazon that one day, we at Vimerson Health have come up with 5 easy and super-healthy snacks that can be enjoyed by the whole family.. To nutrition and beyond!
  1. Berries with Low-Fat Natural Yoghurt
    [Blueberries + Goji Berries + Chia Seeds + Yoghurt + Honey or Agave]Blueberries are packed with vitamin K along with Vitamin C and Manganese and are just a great blue little antioxidant powerhouse. Mix a handful of these with some Goji Berries and Chia Seeds (both revered for their vitamin packed superness) and top off with Low-Fat Natural Yoghurt and voila, you have a healthy tasty snack. If you suffer from a sweet-tooth (or a few!) then try adding a small spoon of honey or agave to the bowl. Delicious!

  2. blueberry superfood

  3. Hummus with Carrots and/or Celery
    [Chickpeas + Olive Oil + Garlic + Lemon Juice + Paprika with Carrot + Celery]
    Chickpeas are super high in protein, dietary fiber and folate. They are the base of hummus, and can be bought in a can if you don’t want to soak them overnight (although for the better results, soak them overnight!). Just blend them with olive oil, garlic and lemon juice and serve in a large bowl, with a sprinkle of paprika on top. Peel and cut the carrots into dipping sticks, and cut the celery into bite-size portions. Dip, eat and share!

    carrot and celery instrument
    (or get distracted like this guy did and make a musical instrument!)

  4. Guacamole
    [Avocado + Olive Oil + Red Onion + Tomato + Lemon Juice]

    Another easy to blend dip, full of nutritious delights is avocado based guacamole. Avocado’s contain amazing eye strengthening carotenoids such as lutein and zeaxanthin. Blend (with a fork gives a tastier texture!) together with olive oil, raw red onion and tomato. Squeeze in a few drops of lemon juice and you are good to go. Lavish it on a slice of toast (or cracker, or whatever bread substitute you eat) and enjoy, guilt free.

    If you are feeling lazy but still want the avocado, open it up and separate it and mash with oil and seasoning (the side without the stone). Easy Peasy! Or should it be Easy Avocadosey…. 🤷


  5. [Peas + Onions + Cream (optional)]

    Speaking of peas, these green little legumes are packed with Vitamin C, Vitamin K and Manganese. For the colder months, prepare a pot of Pea Soup and store it to snack on during the day. Just add to boiling water with onions and seasoning. Blend the soup and add cream for a thicker, creamier texture. Peas can be found fresh, frozen or tinned and are super affordable as well!

  6. Iced Grapefruit and Coconut Cooler
    [Grapefruit + Coconut Water or Cream + Honey or Agave with Ice]
    Grapefruit is a rich source of Vitamin C consumed to lower cholesterol. Eating a half grapefruit every day can be a bitter experience for some, so why not blend it up with coconut water, or coconut cream, and ice for a delicious hot summer cooling drink. And don’t forget your honey or agave to sweeten it. Turn that hot summer's eve into a cool tasty one.

    Grapefruit drink

So we may not have busted the superfood myth, or we may have, but I don’t care now cause my tummy is full, taste-buds sated, and overall health boosted by these cookie fighting store-available superfoods!


Vimerson Health.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team



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