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5 Reasons to Eat Well

by Vimerson Health Team February 10, 2020

5 Reasons to Eat Well

If you have noticed, we share a lot of recipes with you, once a week in fact! But why? As we all know, we need food to survive, but what many do not realize, we need good, healthy food to live to our greatest potential. It is saddening to see so many people and children over-weight, and it is not completely their fault. Fast food is too convenient and easily accessible. So what we attempt here at Vimerson is to share with you healthy eating options that are easy and delicious. 

Here are 5 reasons to eat well: 

  1. A Positive Spread of Daily Calories.
    You can eat all the salad in your garden and still be within your daily calorie count! Eating fruit and vegetables in lieu of cakes and crackers has us eating fewer calories but more food, meaning that our stomach fills up faster, and for longer, with still some calories left over to enjoy those chocolate squares of an evening. If hunger is your enemy then beat it with healthy, raw snacking between your nutritional meals.

  2. Healthier Nutrition
    Sure, fries are potatoes so they are healthy, and we do need the protein in the burger meat, but the nutritional values of fast food are so much lower than locally sourced. 1.9mg of iron in a beef patty versus 3.3mg of iron in a serving of lentils. And how much of your fast food plate is composed of vegetables? In comparison, home-cooked healthy meals are abundant in nutritional vegetables, even if it is just onions and carrots! I often make my own spaghetti sauce and blend veggies into it for the kids. They don’t realize they are getting their 5 a day half the time!

  3. ZERO Additives, Preservatives, and Hormones
    Food agriculture is a pro-profit business. With mass production and farmers/businessmen wanting more products faster, fields are often sprayed with nasty chemicals killing nutrition. Once they reap the harvest their produce is sprayed again so it doesn’t go off so fast! And how do you explain those perfect fruit and veg in mega supermarkets? Often, farmed animals are pumped up with hormones to grow bigger and faster. Digesting these hormones are wholly unnecessary for us. If you are a meat-eater then go local, or just stop eating meat and source alternatives for your nutritional intake. 

  4. Cleaner Energy to Achieve Your Goals
    I am not talking about Climate Change here, I am talking about the energy released from eating. To eat is to sustain our bodies, not to temporarily stave off hunger. We should eat consciously at times that are suitable to our habits: eat after yoga, have a bag of nuts and raisins on your hike, don’t eat after a certain hour, etc. Not everyone is the same here so try to find your perfect routine to sustain your body and mind.
    (Speaking of Climate Change, meat farming is a HUGE contributor… just saying)

  5. You Are What You Eat
    Ever notice how after eating fast food you may be short-tempered, have a lack of patience, or just plain irritable? I believe that that is ‘unhealthiness’ clogging up your spores, preventing your skin from breathing. When you eat well, light, fresh food there is almost a spring in your step. You feel motivated to achieve your goals. Try to pay attention to that the next time to see if I’m not the only one who reacts like this to food!

I hope these reasons will encourage you to continue your New Years’ resolutions that you were determined with throughout January. Just because January is over doesn’t mean your health goals are over. 

Keep it up! And check out our recipes for some tasty inspiration. 


Vimerson Health.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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