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5 Tips For A Healthier Summer

by Vimerson Health Team June 03, 2020 2 Comments

5 Tips For A Healthier Summer

This summer is going to wonderful for us all. Not only are we shrugging off winter, but also a very unusual, historic time. We have been indoors for the best part of Spring and that cannot always be good for our body and our mind. 

I have taken a leap of optimism and I would like to share with you my Top Tips to help you have a healthier Summer

1. GO! (Get Outside)

Now that the states and regions are slowly reopening take advantage by getting outside. I understand it may seem somewhat daunting, but as long as you avoid large crowds indoors your should be fine. 

What I am advising is more fitness related. Even a 20-minute walk daily can do wonders for our fitness levels. Start off with a regular walk and slowly build it up - embrace the infinite mindset and set your health goals not within an unrealistic time-frame, but rather as a lifestyle change. Run along the beach, or go for a hike. Follow a trail, bike, run, walk, swim - do anything, and everything you can do to GO (get outside).

2. Salad, Fruit, Nuts & Seeds

The easiest time of the year to eat cold food is summer, that is why it is normal to gain weight over winter - eating all those hearty warm meals. Now that Summer is here and the season is all a-grow with different types of salads, take advantage and change your diet plan. You can literally pile a mountain of salad and veg on your plate and it will be the healthier option. Keep eating it until your urge for take-away is dispersed. Add grilled chicken, tofu, or oily fish for more health benefits, and an extra filling if the thoughts of salad only meals is daunting for you!

Nuts and seeds. Nuts are a great snack, and seeds are great sprinkled over your salad or porridge or yogurt. So good health-wise!

3. Stretch

Stretching I have discovered reduces overall body-discomfort and also clears my mind. I am integrating stretching into my daily life and I feel the better for it! My posture is improving so I look and feel taller and I have more desire to eat the healthier option. Check out our blog here about stretching. 

4. Socialize (From Afar)
It’s good to talk, its good to communicate, it’s good to share good things (and bad) that happens in our daily lives. If anything has taught us during lockdown is the great advantage of technology when it comes to communicating with friends and family. As the evening gets longer, get on your phone and call a friend or a family member. Even if it starts with a small chat it could develop into a weekend plan! 

With the days brighter and longer we need to feel like we are occupying our time. It’s totally cool in winter to switch off at 6 pm and chill out in front of the TV, but summer is here now so take a walk in the garden and call people!

5. Yoga

I am telling you now, start doing yoga. Before I always suggested it as a good healthy thing to do, but if you haven’t started it yet, start it now. You can find on YouTube many, many different types of yoga instructers - for elderly, prenatal, injuries, or simple beginner.

It is so good for the body and the soul and the best time to start it is the summer when the air is fresh and you are OPTIMISTIC. Check out here my blog Yoga for Beginners

I hope my optimism seeps out through your screen and into your good intentions zone!

Let me know your tips if you would like to share them!

Keep Healthy, Keep Fit, Keep Happy

Vimerson Health

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


2 Responses


June 18, 2020

Hi Beverly,

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a comment! It truly makes me happy.

Have a wonderful day!

Vimerson Health

Beverly Byely
Beverly Byely

June 04, 2020

Love your advice!

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