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7 Tips to Enjoy a Healthy Spring

by Vimerson Health Team March 01, 2020

7 Tips to Enjoy a Healthy Spring

Ah finally it’s March, therefore Spring has arrived! The days are becoming noticeably longer, even it is just a few minutes each evening. 

Spring is the birth of wild animals, the quitting of the hibernation, the flourishing and blossoming of plants and trees. A green time accompanied by the music of birds singing flying about over our heads. 

The Spring sun can also bring some heat, but don’t be fooled into t-shirts just yet! With the atmosphere still chilly, it is easy to get sick. 

How to prepare for this Spring: 

  1. Detox: Use spring as an example to give your body the detox it needs. In winter we tend to cozy up with comforting food which isn’t necessarily the most healthy for us. You can detox in many ways. Drinking lemon and water, green teas, apple cider vinegar, or taking a supplement. Of course, avoidance of those comfort foods is a must! For more information on detoxing check out this blog here.

  2. Spring Clean: Traditionally the whole house will get cleaned at the start of spring. Windows, doorframes, under heavy furniture, the upholstery, beat the mats to name a few. If you no longer live in a 1930’s home and need only one Sunday afternoon for your spring cleaning, well try this out: Spring Clean of your cupboards! Go through them and throw out what is passed due date, donate what you don’t want. If you have a cupboard with sweet things, move them to a higher shelf, or in the back corner somewhere. Make your healthy snacks easily accessible. Wipe down and reorganize your herb and spice shelf. Do this also with your fridge, making the conscious decision to eat healthy thereafter.

  3. Vitamin C and D: For me these two vitamins are the foundation to fight against runny noses. Fresh orange juice in the morning, a healthy serving of onions in your lunch and dinner, homemade berry smoothies, these are tasty ways to get your vitamin C boost. For Vitamin D the best way is to stand outside in the sun for a couple of hours, but not all of us have that leisure. If you are a vegan it can be difficult to get vitamin D naturally in your diet. It is heavily present in fatty fish like tuna and salmon, cheese, beef liver, egg yolks. There are Vitamin D fortified foods like, aside from dairy, grains. Just check the packaging as it will be noted. You can also eat mushrooms. If you like to pick wild mushrooms now is the time for Morel. You can also get supplements with these vitamins.

  4. Keep your extra blanket at night: I would prefer to wake up too hot rather than too cold, especially at this time of year. Even though the warmer nights are outweighing the cooler, it is still not worth the risk to completely pack away your heavy over-blanket. Protect your health before great organization!

  5. Start exercising out of doors: Now that the days are longer, get yourself outside! Whether for a brisk walk or a jog or a gentle hike, being outside in the fresh air will keep your spirits up and your blood pumping with fresh oxygen. As we exercise we build up our immune defense systems and our fighting strength.

  6. Talk to your neighbors: Spring is a great time to be out of doors and to be chatting with our neighbors. There was a time when our neighbors were our most important connection, outside of the family. They would have a phone to borrow in case of an emergency, they would be a babysitter, they would be a news-source, they would be the cup of flour you were short. Now with social media literally in our hands we have forgotten the nurturing relationships we can have with our neighbours. Start talking to them and you will never know what you will learn.

  7. Support your local farmers: start by buying locally, and organically. Support your neighbors and locally produced fruit and vegetables. If you can source locally you will be supporting the future of the next generation, especially for those not in the cities. More and more young people are migrating to the big cities that are becoming too polluted with offices and cars. If you have the time and space, grow your own produce! Herbs, or vegetables, or beekeeping, whatever your interest is. 

Spring, get that spring step, do your spring clean but for yourself and your health. Get out of doors, still wrapped up, and start speaking with your neighbors. Embrace the world we have around us and take the steps for it to be wholesome again. 

Vimerson Health. 

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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