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8 Foods & Drinks You Thought Were Healthy

by Vimerson Health Team April 28, 2019

8 Foods & Drinks You Thought Were Healthy

Sugar, the sweet sweet sweetness that is highly addictive and, well, did I mention sweet?
I know this might be difficult to digest, but it’s sugar that is causing so much obesity in this country! We are health driven conscious people when we decide to cut out candy bars and sodas, but we are being fooled as some of the “healthy” foods we consume are actually loaded with sugar.


It Breakfast Time:

good morning breakfast wake up best meal of the day coffee tea

Instant Oats: To begin with, all oats can be instant - just add boiling water and stir! These instant oats market to you an easier morning preparing breakfast, but it is also filling you up with unnecessary sugars. And you may even be inclined to add further sugar to it! The great thing about oats is that it is a slow-burner. They release energy slowly making you feel fuller for longer, and not to forget to mention the high fiber content, which is a fantastic weight-loss contributor. When we buy the likes of Instant Oats, especially ones with added fruits, we are purchasing sugared oats. This type of sugar burns fast, gives us an energy boost to run about doing the morning tasks, but then our blood sugar levels drop, we are dopey and we look for more instant hits: candy bars, coffee, sugared drinks, we certainly won’t be reaching for those carrot sticks that we prepared the day before trying to be more healthy. What I do is buy an 11lb sack of organic oats every couple of months. I add my fruit or sweeteners to this, controlling my own sugar intake.

Popular “Healthy” Cereals: If you don’t like porridge but still took the healthy route cereal-wise you may be shocked to discover that seemingly healthy breakfast cereals also contain a lot of sugar. It needs to be said, do not eat children’s cereal as they are basically candy in a breakfast bowl, those fluorescent colors should be enough to deter anyone from purchasing them for their children. In all cereals, the processing part of production usually shreds all the nutritious goodness from the actual cereal. The cereal is grounded to flour, then mixed with sugar, water, and other flavorings, then heated into desirable shapes and dried then for the crisp effect. You may think Corn Flakes are healthy, but they are not the healthiest choice. For me, when I see a brand that sells “with no added sugar” it sparks negative thoughts, like, “what was the sugar count in the original? Should a seemingly healthy breakfast cereal not have any sugar, to begin with?” All in all, go for sugar-free versions, or go to your local organic outlet and buy the dried cereals there. They are guaranteed to be much healthier.

Breakfast Bars: I used to love these. I thought they were healthy and I could eat them on the go, snacking all day on them even. But unfortunately, these are also packed with sugar. You need to find a breakfast bar that is from whole foods and fruits where the sugar is natural and not added. And try not to purchase breakfast bars, or any type of foods for that matter, if you don’t know the ingredients, or can’t pronounce them!

Beam me up, snacky!
raisins dried grapes fruit sundried unhealthy snack snacking bunch
One would think that eating dried fruits would be a top healthy option, but did you know, dried fruit is full of sugar! Fruit naturally has low sugar content, but when it’s dried and the water removed, the sugar is more concentrated. This then ups the calory count, and who wants extra calories, right?  If you think about it, you could easily eat two packs of dried raisins, but imagine eating all of those grapes in one sitting! And to think of how full you would be afterward too of eating around 180 grapes…
Quench Your Thirst:
iced tea lemon peach summer cool sugar

So, you’ve given up sodas, eliminated the sugars in your coffee and turned to iced tea for that needed chilled refreshing beverage. How harmful can that golden/amber colored iced-tea be? In effect, quite harmful. Tea is naturally bitter, and the ice only sharpens that bitterness, so companies add a LOT of sugar into it to sweeten it. Not all, but do have a look at the nutritional facts. You could also make your own and sweeten it with honey (before it goes iced), or fruit slices!


It’s Dinner Time!
spaghetti bolognase tomato sauce homemade sugar
Pre-made Pasta Sauce: Don’t have time to cook a sauce for the dinners pasta? Or maybe you don’t know how to? Well, all I can say here is: If you buy it packaged, it is likely to contain sugar and unnecessary calories. Tinned tomatoes are great. Even without the veggies inside, all you need (for my taste anyhow) is garlic and oregano - fast, easy and much healthier.
Salad Dressing: I love salad dressing! Salads can be so boring otherwise. I could eat just the lettuce and salad dressing and I’d be happy. Until I read the back of the bottle. The amount of sugar in the bottle was just outrageous. So I detoured my taste-buds to homemade salad dressings: Olive oil with a drop of balsamico, grind some garlic in, a few drops of lemon, and if you are adventurous a little spoon of mustard. Or just Olive Oil on its own if you don’t have the time for a complicated recipe!
No Pie For Me Please:

apple pie dessert home made less sugar
Needless to say that desserts are sugary. It is the epitome of desserts to be sugary. Still, after a large meal, we can want something sugary to finish with (unless you are French and you prefer a plate of cheese…). Fruit is a popular healthy dessert, but usually tinned fruit. I love tinned pears. Have my whole life. And I know now why: they are full of sugar!! It is possible to reduce the sugar count if you rinse the fruit before eating it, but it is wholly more delicious if you go out and buy the pears fresh. Or Peaches are a tasty dessert fruit, I find. Pull a pie recipe from the internet and reduce the sugar they suggest and make your own pie. (Flour & Butter 1:1 with a couple of drops of water to create a basic dough)


So basically choose wisely when shopping and learn how to make your own foods to avoid unwanted, unhealthy sugar additives.
Let us know how you get on Social Media #VHWellness Journey


Vimerson Health.


Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team



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