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🎁 Alternative Gift Ideas to Better Our Environment 🌎

by Vimerson Health Team December 04, 2018

🎁 Alternative Gift Ideas to Better Our Environment 🌎

So the festive season is coming upon us, and if you celebrate Christmas then you are probably busy buying gifts for the whole neighborhood and their mother. With all of the news lately about the amount of plastic in our oceans, I could not but help to think of alternative gifts this Christmas that aren’t full of plastic. And this is difficult and will probably place you in the unpopular bin, but we need to start somewhere, so why not this year?
"No diamonds, no plastic, no debt"
Donate to a charity that you think your giftee (the receiver) would appreciate. This can put you in an unpopular bin as children especially like to open big presents that are all shiny and plasticky. But maybe you do have a sensitive child/niece/nephew/grandson/granddaughter who would appreciate it! For example, a little girl passionate about dolphins might be happy to receive an adopted dolphin, and an older relative might be happy to see you donate to an elderly residential home… where they might end up one day… in fact, maybe not! A lovely dog shelter perhaps may be more suitable! A donation can be nicely placed in a beautiful envelope, or presentation box (where one can still unwrap it!)
Miami Dolphins

Not the Miami Dolphins... But tickets are a great gift idea too!


I love these. A homemade gift can go beyond the card, but become a photo frame, or a soap, or a mirror with a DIY bottle-cork frame! Anything with seashells, stones (painted), or even lollipop sticks can be both fun as a family project and endearing as a gift. No returns on these ones anyway so make sure your giftee will appreciate it so it doesn't end up in the bin! Or if you have artistic skills, paint a picture or draw a drawing. If you are a musician, write and record a song! Check out our Pinterest for Handmade Gift Ideas. Or even go the Christmas Market for a locally produced gift?

Pig Artist

Or just get one of your pets to do a painting... Original at least!
So I know that this doesn’t sound Christmas. Christmas has turned into an all consumer nightmare/heaven (it really depends on the person!). And while it can be fun to shop for your friends and family, select gifts, become awed by the decor, and get swallowed up by the whole festive season while spending unnecessary money on unnecessary gifts, it is also damaging to our environment, the fishies in the sea and birdies in the sky. Perhaps you could find something in a garage sale, or on craigslist, or even in the attic. Dust it off, polish it up, and give it a second life!

attic found

Make sure though that it is NOT cursed first!
This can be interesting and fun! What can you do that someone else can’t do? Or need! For example, babysitting, cleaning, a massage? Maybe you are a mechanic so you could offer a simple service, or even offer to go with someone to the museum if no one will go with them. It can be fun for children to offer to do the chores for 3 weeks or to clean up after the family meal for a week, mow the lawn, clear the gutters. These services can be declared on a piece of paper like a coupon and placed in a decorated envelope.


Mmm… nice relaxing massage.
Let us know what you decided to do!! Even if you do half and half, it is still something.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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