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Changes for a better future

by Vimerson Health Team February 19, 2020

Changes for a better future


To become healthier, to move easier, to quit smoking, to minimize alcohol, to play outside in the fresh air with kids or pets, to be much more active, to lose 10-20 or more kg, etc.. Is it myth or reality?🤔

Everything and anything is possible - it is all up to you and your willingness to improve your health. It is not always all about the doctor. It is all in your power. Once you take control of your mind, it is then in your hands to achieve your goals. 

It is not that easy to start I know, but when you have succeeded you will be amazed about your lack of desire to return to your old habits. Science tells us that it takes 21 days to implement a new habit - start a new, positive, healthier lifestyle.

Just try it! 

Make excellence a habit, not an act. 

So let's get started; if you are ready for changes for a better future: 

  1. Drink Water: Super important. Drink 2 to 3 liters of filtered still water every day.
  2. Control Your Meals: I am not saying to count each calorie, simply think about what you are eating. Look at your food rather than the TV and sometimes it can help to write it down too. You will get used to choosing a healthier nutritional option more often.
  3. Quit Alcohol and Cigarettes: This is understandably difficult, so take the steps to start, for example, reduce your intake and over time completely stop. 
  4. Become Active: Walking through the park or boxing, pole-dancing or golf, yoga or soccer - whatever your soul desires, just do it and keep doing it. 
  5. Breath: Breath deeply and, when possible,  outdoors in the fresh air. Wish to know about breathing techniques? Check out our blog here!
  6. Smile and Think Positive: This is such an important step. Imagine how healthy, fit and happy you are (or will be!) and smile about it. Accept all the good moments and take all the positive vibes, stay alive. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 80, life is great!
  7. Give Thanks: The last step, and certainly not the least, be thankful for each day 🙏

Because we do care for you,


Vimerson Health

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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