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by Vimerson Health October 17, 2016


Keeping our energy up is a challenging goal. Nevertheless we can try some tips to boost our energy levels on those moments we seem to be turning off. Here are a few that we have carefully selected for you today.

Give Yourself Permission For Distraction

Need a few minutes? Take advantage of them and relax. Whether you want to watch a silly funny video or read an interesting article, just go ahead. Laughing boosts heart rate and raises blood pressure, so you can feel energized whenever you are feeling sluggish.
Going for a walk or running boosts your energy levels too! It doesn’t matter if you don’t have the time to take a walk around the block, go walk around the office, socialize, and move. Movement stimulates your entire body and activates it.

Healthy Eating

Try eating more grains and less sugary foods. We usually have a sugary snack or drink to boost our attention and efficiency. This only lasts for a short period of time, and then we start feeling down again. Instead, try eating more proteins and grains as snacks.
Remember to have a healthy and complete breakfast in order to be able to feel good during your busy schedule. This moment of the day is the initial energy charger. Respect the time of each meal. This is the best way to nurture your body.


Having a good night's sleep is a key factor. Turn your cellphone off and try going to sleep with a nice book instead of watching TV until you fall asleep.
Naps are recommended as they help us not only on recharging our energy levels but also on retaining the information we have received. Nevertheless, we are aware of the fact that nowadays, there are only a few lucky people that can actually have a nap once a day to recharge.
Do not worry; there is another way of resting actively called Paradoxical Relaxation. The idea is to focus on a muscle group for 15 seconds. Really concentrate on how it feels. After this time, choose another group, and go on changing the muscle focus. After you have travelled through your body with this exercise, you will feel much more energized.


Yes, water seems to help on every aspect of our health. Because it does!
Keep fresh (cold) water with you at all times. Drinking cold water will help you be more alert, while warm water tends to relax you.

Light up

Keep your lamp on or even better, your curtains up. Sunbeams are such a mood booster! The Vitamin D they provide are important for your body to keep energy levels high.

Vimerson Health
Vimerson Health


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