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Happy New Year, Happy New You - Part 3 JUST BUY IT

by Vimerson Health Team January 09, 2019

Happy New Year, Happy New You - Part 3 JUST BUY IT

New Year, New You!
The third most popular resolution around the office is “to finally buy such-and-such a thing”, and so I present the last of our New Years Resolutions series: Just Buy It
Now I am not an advocate for unnecessary purchases. I am wholly turned off by the whole disposal nation concept. I am the type of person who constantly says: It ain’t broken until you can’t fix it. Shoes taped up, car bonnet crudely welded on, toaster sitting precariously on the counter to ensure that perfect browning. And it's not that I’m cheap, I just prefer to spend my money otherwise, like on travel (👉Resolutions Part 2).  There is always the excuse that one is just too poor but I am going defunct that mind frame, right here, right now (or maybe at the end of this blog…).

two men banging a toaster

Necessary vs Unnecessary:
Is this really a valid argument? All of our needs a different - perhaps you don’t particularly need something, but more deserve something though. Like that sun holiday in Greece, or the new car you’ve been trying to save for the past 10 years. Maybe it’s a new house? Or if you really have the cash, maybe it’s the small cabin by the lake? For many, the latter would be totally unnecessary, the likes of a new super powerful tiny-crumb sensitive vacuum cleaner being the top of their list. To filter out the unnecessary, try to think of a minimum of 13 times you will use it throughout the year (that being more than once a month).

 Was that really necessary? image from the National Lampoons Christmas Vacation


Is the timing correct:
So it is quite possible that the timing may not be the best, but at least set in motion the cogs of attainment. If you need paperwork, send for it. If you need to have money, start saving. If you need financing, start paying off debts! Whatever it is, write it down today on a piece of paper and stick to your fridge:
This year I am going to buy myself a new fridge.
Writing is a very powerful psychological tool. Writing down your goal is a huge step forward, then having to look at it every day while you reach for the milk will settle the idea in your head until it comes to action.

 Joey from friends eating the contents of the broken fridge


Spend wisely:
If you are going to splash out then I strongly advise making your purchase from a guaranteed salesperson or shop. Going on craigslist to buy your electrical bicycle could lead you to owning a faulty product without any guarantee. Pay the extra for the insurance. If your resolution is to buy something then don’t go the cheap option (well, not the second-hand option perhaps). If you can support a local producer then go for that option and even the eco-friendly version will make your purchase less selfish-seeming.

Black and white image of a child throwing money out the window


Just Buy It!!! You have worked hard, you have paid your taxes (I hope!), and really, how long has it been since you treated yourself?  
- From Me, To Me xoxo
Vimerson Health.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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