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Health Benefits of a Dairy Free Diet (Including 5 Tasty Milk Alternatives!)

by Vimerson Health Team March 04, 2019 2 Comments

Health Benefits of a Dairy Free Diet (Including 5 Tasty Milk Alternatives!)

People claim, mostly vegans,  that dairy isn’t the healthiest food group there is, and this is hugely unfortunate for those who love dairy. I can kind of understand the reasoning though: milk is produced from cows who just gave birth, to provide their baby calves with all the nutrients needed to grow into fine, healthy cows. We are not cows, so why do we need to ingest the same formula meant by nature for cows?
Dairy has been linked to obesity, high cholesterol, and it has been said that Vitamin D is a better bone protecting nutrient. I mean, there are many factors that lead to obesity and high cholesterol but it can’t really hurt to give it a go, to cut dairy from your diet.

 episode 4 cow GIF by The Bachelor

I was a huge dairy eater. I would have melted cheese on fries, on sandwiches, pasta, potatoes, nearly my cup of tea would have it! But saying that, I do drink my black tea with milk, I eat (ate) a yogurt every day, and having spent a summer in France I had been inclined to eat bread with cheese after a meal. Butter on bread, crackers, potatoes, popcorn; sour cream with nachos (and melted cheese!); ice cream; spreadable cheese on bread too… really, writing this I believe 60% of my diet was dairy!


Sure it is necessary to have calcium in our diet, and baby calf juice has a lot of this, but we can source calcium elsewhere, easily. Seeds, beans, lentils, dark leafy greens, almonds, tofu, figs, and rhubarb would be the main ones. There is a huge variety of selection right here - breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and snacks are all possible here.

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If you cannot pass your day without a bowl of milky cereal, then check out these tasty and healthy alternatives:
  1. Almond Milk: High in nutrients and low in calories - no need to go further! Go for the unsweetened option so it won’t affect your blood sugar and benefit with stronger, healthier bones.

  2. Soy Milk: Naturally free of cholesterol this bean extracted juice can be quite the tasty alternative. NOTE: it doesn’t dissolve too well in hot drinks, and the quantity of estrogen in it makes it inadvisable for young, growing men to consume.

  3. Rice Milk: The perfect baking substitute for milk! Exchange cup for cup with the same results, same crunch or fluffy consistency. I bake a lot so a good milk substitute is important!

  4. Hemp Milk: No, it is not illegal! This hemp seed juice is rich in high-quality plant protein, healthy fats and, minerals. It is lactose, soy and gluten-free, and like all things hemp-based it can be an incredibly nutritious addition to a healthy diet.

  5. Coconut Milk: I am not so sure if this is a good one. It is thick and fattening and full of calories. Better leave it for the curry sauces!


Give up dairy products for 5 weeks, then start eating it again. If you feel a change then stop eating it! Keep the baby calk milk for the baby calves and let's get inventive in the kitchen with tasty alternatives!


Vimerson Health. 

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


2 Responses


March 05, 2019

Hey Hok!

Thank you for your comment. I can not tell you if it is healthy or not, but based on the article I would advise you to cut it out of your diet for five weeks to see if it is indeed affecting your health :)

Wishing you a great and healthy day!



March 04, 2019

what about yougart NO SUGAR bought from a middle eastern restaurant?

is that healthy

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