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Indoor Activities

by Vimerson Health Team March 18, 2020

Indoor Activities

What are we going to do indoors all day long? Being so used to this modern busy life it can be a cause of panic to not know what to do. You have likely stocked up on food (and toilet paper?) but have you stocked up on activity ideas? 

Whether you are alone, with your partner, or your whole family, here are some ideas that may be appealing to you:

1. Large Jigsaw:

If you have the space to piece together a jigsaw then do it. The sheet desire to see it complete will motivate you to finish it. And for one of those really big ones, to pass as much as possible.
Note: not advisable if you have dogs or small children!

2. Books:

You likely have a pile of books sitting on a shelf gathering dust that you bought because you wanted to read them but found you never had the time. Well, the time is now. Immerse yourself in foreign, fictional worlds, or travel back to the innocent days of Jane Austin. If you don’t have books then download them. O happy internet! This is thy modem; there connect, and let me read.

3. Arts & Crafts:

Get crafty! Paint, draw and create like no one is going to see it. You may surprise yourself with some hidden artistic skills. A great way to pass time with kids too. Create masks, cards for old relatives, paper mache balloon heads, cardboard shadow puppets. Even scribbles on the back of an old bill will release you of some frustrations. Look online for crafty ideas and set to it! I particularly like as I have learned how to knit and crochet from their detailed explanations and videos.

4. Write:

Avid reader? Always complaining of how you didn’t have time to sit down and write the next Pulitzer prize winner? Now is your time. Just don’t have any expectations when you begin, write, write, write every day and after a few weeks, you will start to see sense and a storyline amongst your drafts. As Terry Pratchet famously said, “The first draft is just you telling yourself the story.”

5. Board Games:

Board games are not just family time Saturday night, there exist some really amazing 2-player strategic games for a more mature audience. And if you can’t get to the shops to buy one, find it online and create it yourself! Even something as simple as draughts is made possible when all we have is time and a lot of reusable cardboard lying around.

6. Study:

This may not sound appealing but it is so beneficial for your brain. What was interest in high-school but you never pursued? History? Science? Mathematics? It doesn’t matter. With the amount of material you can find online, you should be able to get back into learning all these amazing things and even test yourself after seeing your progress! This goes also for learning new languages. Try it and enjoy it.

7. Exercise:

Definitely try to do exercise. Do some yoga, karate, tai-chi, pilates, boxing, it doesn’t matter. You want to practice this sport you will likely find someone on YouTube who has a video showing you how to do it. You can sign up for paid courses, or find free ones. There is no stopping you from keeping active when in your home all day long.

8. Meditate:

Set the time for yourself. Just you and your drifting thoughts. Concentrate on your breathing, remain comfortable and release all the tensions! Sit cross-legged, on your couch, lie down on your bed, it doesn’t matter where. Relax your muscles and reject your worries - this is your time. 

These are just some ideas I have that I hope will take up my time. I have a job where I can work remotely, and maybe you do too, but the organization is needed in the household, and brains need to keep active to avoid boredom, frustration, and cabin fever. 

Comment here if you have any ideas also!

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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