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Keep a routine! An example daily household plan

by Vimerson Health Team March 20, 2020 2 Comments

Keep a routine! An example daily household plan

To stay healthy we need to keep active. Now that schools are closed and shelter-in-place orders have become the norm many of us are going for couch and chips options. Take your couple of days in your pajamas eating cereal, let your tensions go, but do not let it become a habit. If you don’t have a household routine plan then create one now for the upcoming weeks. 

A plan doesn’t have to be too complex. If you are not the type of person who is comfortable with eery minute prepared then creating a loose plan will be perfect for you. If you do need structure and order, then, you probably already have a plan! If you don’t then do a structured minute one. Follow your gut on what is best for you. 

Here is the plan that I have for my household, comprising of one work-from-home adult, one chef whose restaurant is temporarily closed, and 4 small kids.

7 am Wake-up and Breakfast
We try to keep our morning routines as if we were going to school and work. I have added in a slot for exercise just before breakfast too, light and fun, but very good for our brain activity. Put on something comfortable, but don’t stay in your pajama’s - psychologically it will put you in lazy-mode for the day (speaking from personal experience here).

We eat our breakfast as we would usually, but we have more time to enjoy it now, nobody rushing about to leave the house. 

9 am to noon
Time to work. I work on my laptop and my partner micro-manages the home-schooling. Your children’s schools likely have a system in place to ensure that students won’t miss out on their education. Bring yourself up to date on this and encourage your kids, help them learn or even learn with them! If your children are small, teach them their numbers, their ABC’s and give them drawing and coloring suggestions.

Noon Lunchtime
If there is someone in the household who always wanted to fancy themselves as a top chef, then now is the time for them to shine. Research recipes (immune-boosting ones preferably) and experiment. If the food is not turning out great then give someone else the chance! You can even let your children prepare lunch for some days, to make a fun activity! 

Also, it is important if you have children that they participate in the clean-up. It will be hard if for 8 weeks one person is constantly cleaning up after other people, and it will teach them responsibility and values. 

2 pm to 5 pm

I would suggest that this be a time for everyone to go have some personal time. Be it to continue to study, or to work, or to do some other activity. If there are many of you in the household it is important for some personal space. This does not mean though watch TV or scroll through the net. Try to find a new activity to continue to develop your brain, start that book you were always thinking about, or that project that was put on the long finger. 

I am a constant guard of the kitchen. Kids are wanting snacks non-stop but I don’t want any unhealthy habits to form. I keep the fruit bowl in the living room with a large pitcher of water - the kitchen is off-limits.

5 pm Dinner Time
To really prepare a good wholesome meal give yourself the time to do it. Start early, take your time, look up recipes, peel and prepare your veggies. Put on some music and share the moment with young kids so they can learn too, explaining what certain vegetables are, how they are grown, what they are good for. 

For the dinner have everyone at the table and talk to each other. Tell each other what you did that day, what you learned. Ban the cellphone! 

Once again, rope in help for the clean-up. Everyone could have their particular role: clearing the table, scraping the dishes, filling up the dishwasher, wiping down the counter. The more people involved the faster it will be done, and you will be surprised at how it can be a pleasant distraction.

7 pm to Bedtime
This is time for you all to kick back and relax like you would on a regular day. You have spent the whole day active so take this deserved time to relax, connect on your social media, call your relatives, watch your series, play your games, read your book. 

Of course, there is nothing stopping you from taking up a new activity! As you will be in-home every night you don’t want to end up watching awful movies and series just for the sake of it or get swallowed into all the sensationalized panic media. Read books, create exciting activities for the next day, research new recipes, work on your designs or golf swing, the time before bed should be stress-free. 

If you are having trouble finding sleep then try to meditate for 10 minutes. It will really help clear your head and release your tensions. 

This time we are living in now has never happened before. There is no protocol. We are a social animal, but we are also very developed with a thirst for knowledge and self-development. Use this time to your greatest advantage. 

We are here for you at Vimerson Health if you need to speak with someone, so please don’t hesitate to call or email! 

Keep a positive mind, eat healthily, stay active.


Vimerson Health. 


Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


2 Responses


March 23, 2020

Hi Judith,

Thank you for your comment, although I am concerned that you are unable to get through to us!

It is true that at this current moment our Customer Happiness Specialists are being contacted with calls and messages from every platform, therefore, unfortunately, there is a backlog.

Please email me directly and let me help you!

With warm regards,

Judith Lawrence
Judith Lawrence

March 23, 2020

Vimerson Health doesn’t even answer their emails or messages sent within their portal, nor on facebook messenger. I don’t mean to be negative but telling people to call is ridiculous. Products may be great but the customer service is lousy. They need to hire me to work from home and answer all queries about missing orders, etc…

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