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Mood Enhancing Foods

by Vimerson Health Team April 15, 2020

Mood Enhancing Foods

It’s not so easy to be always optimistic and motivated, especially when we are in such an uncertain situation as we are. I have found myself panic eating, turning junk food into essentials when I go to the grocery store.

Not only will junk food harm your health, but it also contributes to weight gain and fluctuating moods. Being confined we need peace and harmony in the household. 

In an attempt to push junk food out of my life (yet again) I have researched and discovered these tasty mood-enhancing foods that give me a mental boost in my day-to-day indoor living.

1. Bananas and Dark Chocolate
Not necessarily to be eaten together, what these two guilt-free snacks have in common is that they are full of magnesium. What can I say that I haven’t already said about magnesium, except that it is a miracle mineral! Dark, gloomy thoughts just disappear, therefore daily indoor household challenges are received lightheartedly, and the quest for sleep is simplified. 

Eating bananas and chocolate may not have the same intensity as taking a supplement, but they certainly do assist to help maintain the harmonic balance. 

2. Oily Fish and Seeds
Oily fish and seeds are full of healthy fat Omega-3. Omega-3 is fantastic for the functioning of our cerebral organ. A boost for cognitive functioning which clears away the fog in our thinking process, allowing us to deal with situations a lot more effectively, without frustrations. When we are not frustrated we are a lot more peaceful and patient when it comes to small, and large, issues.

Practically every oily fish is available in a tin. Try to go for healthier options, and non-farmed Mackeral, Herring, Sardines, Anchovies, and Cavier (ooh la la!). 

If you are a vegetarian, or not, some seeds are packed with healthy fats omega-3. Flaxseeds and Chia Seeds are at the top of the list and they go with EVERYTHING. Top a salad with them, add them into your porridge, sprinkle over your eggs, oily fish, incorporate into your smash, add to your yogurt, the list can go on!

3. Oats
I don’t think there exists one food blog of mine where I don’t glorify the benefits of oats. Since the confinement, my local health store where I usually buy my 5kilo sack of oats closed down, so I was without my morning porridge for a couple of weeks. The stores were out too. I believe that that certainly contributed to my unhealthy snacking and sour mood.

After researching, and realizing, oats are a slow sugar releaser which stabilizes energy levels, therefore, keeping one’s mood level. There are no spikes of excitement and then lows of annoyance. Porridge in the morning motivates me, places me in a proactive mood and has me at my usual smiley optimistic self (we went to a really large supermarket outside of the town where I found some oats - now, these are an essential).

4. Probiotics
It is said that the healthy bacteria born from eating probiotics may increase serotonin levels, the happy hormone. What better way to beat the confinement blues than by directly boosting your anti-stress hormones!

Probiotics can be sourced from fermented foods, and no, not beer and wine, but yogurt, sauerkraut, kimchi, and kombucha. The science behind is that probiotics work to create a healthy gut, and a healthy gut begets a happy brain. If you can’t source most of these foods, then you can also take a supplement to help you. Probiotics help with gastrointestinal problems which is also a plus when living in close quarters. 

5. Beans and Lentils
Full of fiber, like oats, these yummy protein boosters are also full of the happy promoting B vitamins. Beans and lentils are often the go-to meat replacer when cooking for vegetarians, but there also exist dishes where you can cook with meat!

Chili con Carne or Chili sin Carne (the vegetarian version) are both spicy and delicious. Full of beans and loved by everyone I truly believe that this could be a part of your weekly meal plan. You can also go for simple beans on toast, but do choose the sugar-free cans!

You can cook lentils with carrots and onion, and if you wish, bacon pieces. Add some cumin and turmeric and black pepper and you have a delicious and immune-boosting healthy dish. Even though it doesn’t look the yummiest, I am surprised every time when the little ones gobble it all up!

So let’s try to get out of this slump together, resist the junk food, and start to eat more mood-enhancing foods to generate a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in the home. 

I hope that this is helpful for you, please do comment so we can explore this more together.

Keep Healthy & Keep Happy

Vimerson Health

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team



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