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My First Steps To Achieving My Goals: Health & Fitness

by Vimerson Health Team September 04, 2019

My First Steps To Achieving My Goals: Health & Fitness

I am gone Keto crazy these past few months.

I have set out goals for myself and health-and-fitness is my number one priority. I have tried cutting down on my food intake and gyms, and honestly, they don’t work for me! I thought it was because I lacked the motivation, or the true desire to achieve my goals, at which I laughed. If it is in my head, and my dreams, then why am I lacking motivation? I discovered why: I wasn’t aiming to achieve my health-and-fitness goals the way that works for me. 
I sat down one evening, during my own personal quiet time, and asked myself questions, set off down a path of self-discovery with one main question in mind: How can I achieve my goals? 
I made a list, I wrote incessantly and afterward analyzed my scribbles to find that gem, the answer to my blockage. And there is was right in front of me. 
I like to eat, I like to eat a lot, and I like to eat meals that are ‘rich’ (fattening, I guess). And intermittent fasting (IF) came up at which I was curious to see if it would work or not. I gave it a go, why be afraid of something I have not tried? Remove the negativity; don’t set up to fail. All of these motivational thoughts exploded in my mind. I ate my large snack at 5 pm (fried eggs on toast, with chia seeds, salad, and Edam cheese) and refrained from eating for the rest of the night. 
I was truly impressed with my will power. Whenever I tried to cut down on my servings I always reached for more afterward. This was different. I indulged myself with a condition, which was to not eat for the rest of the evening. This was going to work for me. When I researched IF the best schedule I found for me was to fast 3 times a week on alternate nights for 17 hours each. So, 5 pm to 10 am Monday, Wednesday, Friday one week, and Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday the next week. This gave me one weekend on two to plan nights out, and I always had my Sunday for my sundaes. 
I was worried about the next morning though as breakfast is a huge part of my day. A lifelong advocate of “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day”, I was anxious about how I was going to function in the morning getting the kids ready for school, would I have the energy, and most importantly, would I have the patience. What happened to me that first Tuesday morning shocked me through and through. I was on top. I sprung out of bed, cheerily awoke the kids and got the morning routine started with a kick in my step. I brought the kids to school and then went the long way home pushing the pram, speed walking.
Theatrical pause - and rightly so because this is exactly how I felt at that moment. 
An important thing to note here is that I am generally a morning person. I spoke with others who had done and were currently practicing IF and many of them expressed how they preferred to start in the evening after dinner and skip breakfast. I couldn’t do that. As I already wrote down, I love to eat, and prohibiting myself from what I love to do will not garner any positive results, especially if breakfast is involved. 
I came home, ate my porridge at 10 am and continued my day as usual. For a couple of weeks, I kept this up. I put on the appropriate footwear going to the school so I could attempt to run home afterward, a practice I had never before practiced. Baby nicely tied in there was Mom of three gaily running around the neighborhood. 
Needless to say, the pounds started to drop off, but not majorly. I still ate what I usually ate when I ate, but I was happy, I was satisfied. I was full of energy and these three mornings a week I was able to clear my mind and breathe deeply, knowing I was doing something good for my circulation, my lungs, my heart, my gut, my overall health, and my fitness
I work in the health and wellness industry so I cannot help to know things about foods, what groups are good for the body, and other ways to boost its natural functioning. During these past few months I have been researching a lot about the Ketogenic Diet and sharing with you the results, and also recipes you can try at home, and what foods not to eat. 
I wanted to try it too. My biggest challenge: giving up bread and pasta. 
I am not yet ready to share with you these results, as I have not yet reached my first goal, but there have been failures, there have been tears, and there have been jumps for joy. 
I want to know if you have tried the Keto Diet. I want to know your success stories as much as I want to hear of your slip-ups. I want to get a conversation started so we can all help each other achieve our health and fitness goals! Just comment below!



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Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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