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National Women’s Health Week 2019

by Vimerson Health Team May 17, 2019

National Women’s Health Week 2019

This week is National Women’s Health Week and I am delighted to share with you everything Vimerson Health has to offer to help women on their Wellness Journey. This is not a way to sell you our products, more so to create awareness of the different possible supplements available to take better care of our health.
A Daily Multivitamin
woman women daily routine outfit lifestyle happy energized wake up refreshed
Say no more. This is a supplement that builds the foundation to ensure we start our day outfitted internally with the necessary vitamins and minerals. Taking a daily multivitamin is a great way to ensure you are getting what you need. Women who are young and generally healthy benefit a lot from these vitamins. A daily boost of energy and focus with an ease of mind about our diet knowing we are getting the vital recommended dose of vitamins and minerals.  As we get older we notice areas that are lacking so we seek specific supplements to build up and enhance our systems, but taking a daily multivitamin can still always be beneficial.
Apple Cider Vinegar
apple cider vinegar health healthy detox weight loss skin care
They say eating an apple a day keeps the dentist away, well, apparently a spoon of Apple Cider Vinegar a day keeps the pounds away. Perfect for detox by improving digestion and cleansing your innards. This has helped people lose weight, clear their skin, and give an overall health boost. One little problem though - that taste is so discouraging (I have tried, so hard). But now with modern science and ingenuity apple cider vinegar supplements are available. Easy to store in your handbag with zero taste or aftertaste. Do your research, but this could be your answer.
red wine friends sharing health healthy dinner fun together
Not only is it great as a digestive aid but it is also great for supporting cardiovascular and brain health. If you didn’t find this in a supplement then you would be one of those women drinking a bottle of red wine each evening claiming how it's good for your health. Which is a little bit true actually! Resveratrol can be found on the skin of red grapes, which carries into red wine. Perhaps keep to only one glass in the evening of a weekend and supplement the rest of the week? Just a thought!
Glandular Health
woman women happy balanced hormones thyroid adrenal glands
Your endocrine system is your hormone producing system led by a series of glands in our bodies. Two particular glands are the thyroid and adrenal. The thyroid controls our metabolism and as a result our heart rate and... how to say it delicately… how our stool passes. Too much thyroid leads to weight gain and constipation and not enough leads to the opposite on both counts. Our Adrenal glands are located just above our kidneys and look like triangular sandwiches. These are the tough ladies that produce our “Flight or Fight” reaction, mainly the adrenaline hormone. As you can imagine, and may very well know, keeping these glands in check can mean huge differences in our daily living. Of course, consult with your healthcare giver before taking action.
DIM (Di-Indole Methane)
woman women menopause pms relief hot flashes headaches health healthy
This name looks very scientifically manufactured but DIM is actually present in cruciferous vegetables and is just a-ma-zing for hormone balance. If you don’t want to be eating plates of broccoli and cauliflower every day then a supplement with DIM is perfect. DIM has known benefits when going through menopause by balancing estrogen levels, leading to calmer moods, less hot flushes, and longer slumbers. It is also known as a preventative towards more serious illness but I cannot state here that our supplement can help toward this.
hair skin nails biotin healthy woman women moistureized full glowing strong
Hair, skin and nails, what woman (or man, indeed) doesn’t want perfection in these areas! Although often we want the opposite of what nature provided us, a lack of biotin in our system can, of course, result in dry hair with split ends, nails that refuse to grow without breaking and peeling, and skin that is dry, patchy and without that youthful glow. Biotin, which is a B vitamin but known as vitamin H, is actually present in many foods - liver, beer, nuts, seeds, avocados… I don’t know if I could eat the liver…


young old women woman equality together society equal health healthy

Regardless of if you take supplements, or need to take supplements, what is important here is that you look after your health. Women are no longer secondary citizens, we are equal. Gone are the days when the wife sacrificed her own desires to please her family. Thankfully we live in a society where both women and men are able to pursue their own career, cook their own meal, and look after their own health.
Vimerson Health. 

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team



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