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Staying Healthy in Flu Season

by Vimerson Health Team March 10, 2020

Staying Healthy in Flu Season

It is a common goal for people to get more healthy. Maybe they have health problems, maybe weight problems, maybe they are trying to run a marathon every month, maybe they are stressed from their job, or unhappy with their relationships - no matter what, it is a common goal to GET HEALTHY. 

I want to speak to you now about STAYING HEALTHY. When we consider ourselves well and happy it doesn’t mean that we have to forget about the daily habits we need to employ to remain healthy. 

Some viruses are deadly, and if you are watching the news then you will know what I mean. The flu is also dangerous and if it is contracted by elderly people, babies, immunocompromised people, and people with existing underlying health problems then it is also deadly. 

These viruses are contracted by those carrying it coughing and sneezing without blocking their mouth, and by direct contact with another person. Kissing them, holding hands, or even a handshake. I have here some well-known tips to keep yourself healthy, especially to be applied now.

How not to catch the flu and other airborne viruses:

Cough into your elbow:
even if you are not carrying a virus you should make the habit of coughing into your elbow. It is a good practice and you demonstrating this will teach others to do it too. We have all learned to cough into our hands but if you don’t have immediate access to a sink or hand sanitizer then those minuscule germs will travel to where you touch. Coughing into your elbow will minimize immensely the spread of germs to other people.  

Sneeze into a tissue:
I do love a good sneeze! If I try to block it I get a terrible headache afterward and headaches make me irritable. So I let it out, but into a tissue. Depending on how strong your sneeze is your germs can travel far. Those poor unassuming people around you! The same rule applies when coughing into your hand, it is a sure way to spread even the common cold. Go to the store and buy packets of those pocket-size tissues. If you are ecologically conscious then make some handkerchiefs for yourself but don’t let anyone else touch them, and put away immediately after use into your pocket or purse. Make sure that it is you who puts them into your washer though! Top Tip: old bed linen, men’s boxers underwear, and old t-shirts make for great handkerchief material!


Wash your hands often
: it has come back. That old adage that our grandparents forced on us is now being reborn across the globe, “Wash your hands! We can’t see germs!”. Well its what my grandparents used to yell at me. And I would look at my hands and reply how they weren’t dirty, but it was never good enough. Get good soap and wash in the morning, before meals, after meals, when you come back home from work, shopping, being in the garden, after the toilet. Wash them after you cough and sneeze if you do so into your hands. Make washing your hands as regular as making sure your hair is ok. 

For your hands to be thoroughly clean you need to lather them with warm soapy water and really scrub in between your fingers. A good trick is to sing Happy Birthday while doing it. When you have finished the song your hands should be adequately clean!

Carry a hand sanitizer:
if you don’t have access to a sink so much during the day, get one of those small bottles of hand sanitizers and use it each time after you cough or sneeze. Buy one for everyone in your family, and if you really want to make sure your environment is healthy, have a surprise box arrive at your office - hopefully that will be for laughs rather than fear.


Say ‘Hello’ with a wave:
your friends and colleagues should be mature enough to tell you that they are a bit sick so a physical hello can be put aside. Handshaking and kisses for greetings are not really advisable when there is a virus in the community. But be nice about it. Tell the people that you are prone to sicknesses so to stay healthy you are adopting an all-round wave. It is not a time to be distancing yourself from society.


Don’t be afraid:
the media feeds on fear. It’s as simple as that. No matter what news station you flick onto or tabloid you pick up, it is all going to dramatize and sensationalize the current dangerous situation to a point where people panic and do crazy things. You are not going to get sick if you STAY HEALTHY. What you need to do is look after the elderly and ensure that they follow these tips, or that the local school is employing regular hand washing for the kids and teaching them about coughing into their elbows and sneezing into a tissue. Be confident in your own health and you will stay healthy. Even if you contract a virus you will come out the other side OK because your body is generally healthy. 

A good source for all your health needs is the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. A verified and scientific source of information for maladies:

If you are interested in global news a very reliable online source is Al Jazeera: 

And the Top 3 newspapers recommended by a reputable Forbes journalist: The New York Times, The Wallstreet Journal, and The Washington Post.

To wrap this up, my only and best advice to you now is to STAY HEALTHY. Continue what you are doing to achieve your goals and follow these tips to ensure you stay healthy, happy, and at peace.

Vimerson Health. 

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team



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