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🍋 Surviving Flu Season: 🧣 Put On Your Sweater & Turn Down The Heating

by Vimerson Health Team November 19, 2018

🍋 Surviving Flu Season: 🧣 Put On Your Sweater & Turn Down The Heating

Oh boy, flu season is definitely upon us! I am writing this (typing?) with a box of tissues slowly diminishing to my side, wrapped inside a big blue blanket. A sore throat keeps trying to invade my healthy existence every night while distracted by sleep, and the sneezing? Those are invading my neighbors’ sleep! But it will not take over. Every year it’s the same dance - the sneezing starts, the throat raws but I resist, prevent, and fight it to submission.
To clarify, citrus are oranges, grapefruit, lemons, and other sour fruit.  Citrus fruits are amazing for helping to ward off colds and flu. They are packed with Immune reinforcing Vitamin C and can be eaten or drunk throughout the day.
  • Hot water with lemon in the morning,
  • Half a grapefruit for breakfast,
  • Lemon with your fish for lunch/dinner,
  • Orange cake for dessert,
  • And a dash of lime in your evening tequila, ‘cause we all drink tequilas in the evening, right?


Citrus fruits are sour though. If you can’t handle it on a daily basis you can always add in a sweetener, but try to stick with natural sweeteners like honey and agave.

Honey has a fantastic soothing effect on the throat. I use a manuka honey spray when I feel it start to become raw, and it works wonders - and a lot less sticky too! Try a couple of spoons of honey before going to bed if you are prone to coughing throughout the night, or have it with your hot tea/water with lemon. You can do it the Irish way too and add in a drop of whiskey - Adults only!
Garlic can have significant benefits for your health in helping to prevent colds and flu. The best way to consume it is, of course, raw, but as we touched on before, raw garlic has some nasty breath side effects. Mince it into a red sauce with your pasta, mixed with herbs, and it integrates with the overall taste rather than dominate the palette.  

bad breath

(I know we are a supplement company, but I am not trying to sell to you here, just giving advice!)
So as the flu season is upon us we may need to boost our immune systems. In fact, without a doubt we need to give our immune system a boost. Some people may not like the sour taste of citrus fruits, or don’t have time to cozy up to a fire with a book. There are many natural supplements available. Basically, anything with turmeric in it is awesome, as well as many other benefits. Other types of supplements include multivitamins, resveratrol, coconut oil, and ashwagandha, to name just a few. The great thing about supplements is that you can choose one suited to your needs, so you reap in many extra benefits with just one small capsule. Pay attention to what you buy though and always consult with your doctor first. Make sure they are natural and try for non-GMO. There are gluten-free, vegan and organic options out there too. You’re spoiled!

Vitamin D TFW
(By the way, ‘TFW’ means ‘That Feeling When’. You’re welcome.)
You cannot beat cozying up with a hot drink, a good book, and a thick blanket next to a roaring fire. The calming effects of the hot drink are wonderful for your body to release its stress from the day, along with the book (or movie), and the hot fire and blanket date as far back as prehistoric times with the first men and women - how else could we have survived this long! Originally the hot chocolate was cocoa with hot water, which is more pure with better benefits. Hot cocoa dates as far back as the Mayans, whereas hot chocolate goes no further than my grandparents' generation. You could also drink a calming infusion like chamomile or peppermint (which is also very good for your digestion).

Hot Chocolate


Ok, so you might think me crazy here. We are coming slowly into winter, we are starting to get sick, and I am asking you to turn down the heating… But it is so true. First of all, it is cold weather time. In no shape or form should we be wearing t-shirts. Secondly, acclimatizing our body temperature to the warmth inside will only inhibit us from embracing the cold when we need to go outside. In fact, it will make the weather seem colder when it’s not. In one of the Scandinavian countries they leave their babies to nap in the stroller OUTSIDE, that is: out of doors, in the cold (dry, not humid though) air. And this helps the baby grow up used to the cold temperature. I doubt she or he ever get sick.
It’s like this: You always put one spoon of sugar in your coffee, so when there are two it’s too sweet, or none it’s too bitter. Think along these lines for temperature and try to maintain some indoor/outdoor balance when you start the central heating for the winter.



This is where my zero-tolerance comes in. The sickness is, of course, gonna come, you have been sneezing and blowing your nose non-stop. I tell you to resist it, fight it, don’t allow it to get the better of you. Walk it off, as it’s said. If you lie down in bed covered with blankets the sickness is going to consume you. Gobble you up for breakfast lunch and dinner for 3 to 5 days. You’ll have headaches, cold sweats, zero patience, and no work done. No housework, no social life, no children tended. Afterward, you have a pile of stuff to do and you feel like you are being punished for taking a few, apparently guilt-free, days off of life. The first day will be hardest, but keep going. Blow your nose, drink your citrusy concoctions, and ignore the sickness. If you keep moving, it won’t be able to settle.


Rocky Champion

I have been fighting my winning battle against the flu for years now (employers love me as I seldom take sick days), but everyone is different and operate differently. As the adage goes, ‘with practice comes perfection’, so why not start this year your own drug-free battle against the cold and flu? At the same time, you will be giving your immune system an excellent boost, so any other uninvited sickness will have a harder wall to destroy.


Vimerson Health.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team



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