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Take Full Advantage Of Your Day

by Vimerson Health September 22, 2016

Take Full Advantage Of Your Day

Laziness can be our worst enemy. It is good to find some time to enjoy spare time but it is a whole other thing when we hide behind anything in order not to risk our comfort zone because we are simply afraid or insecure.

Here are a few thoughts we would like to share with you. They may even enlighten you and motivate you towards positive changes to make the most of your days!

Sleeping Habits

Resting is very important. Try to respect your sleeping schedule in order to get the amount of resting hours you know you need. Some people feel absolutely comfortable and energized by getting 6 hours of sleep while others need at least 8. Know what suits you best and go for it.

Before going to bed set your alarm clock with your mind set on rising at that specific time. Teach yourself to get up once you hear your alarm clock. Morning time is a lovely moment to enjoy silence and be able to rise gradually. Once you learn not to hit the snooze button, you will become more and more comfortable with the new routine.

Set A Goal

We are generally stuffed with tasks we need to get done ASAP. Prioritize and don’t choke on anxiety. Choose one objective to focus on to start your day. Work towards achieving it and once you do, choose the next one.

Go step by step and focus only on that simple task. Thinking about all the things you need to get done won’t help you focus or relax, neither feel satisfied by achieving your goal set. 

Choose Your Activity

Find the time to do your favorite thing. This is quality time for yourself and no one else! Connect with your pleasure and change the rhythm for at least some minutes daily.

Whether you just need a break to refresh your energy levels or you want to take the time to read your book alongside a cup of tea, go for it. It doesn’t need to be your favorite activity of all times, just the activity you need that specific day.

Bonding Time

Be aware of your interactions. If you are having a conversation, be present. Make eye contact, focus on whatever you are saying or listening to. We usually underestimate these simple moments because we are set in our hectic mode. But deep in our souls we know this bonding moments are the ones that matter, don’t we?

Smile And Feed Your Positivity

Nurture the good vibes. Read articles that keep you motivated, share your thoughts with friends and ¨feed¨ your confidence. What good is a day without a smile on your face? :)

Vimerson Health
Vimerson Health


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