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The Biggest NO In Health History

by Vimerson Health Team April 06, 2019

The Biggest NO In Health History

Do not drink energy drinks!!
And if you have any teenage niece or nephews, please discourage them from drinking energy drinks!
These drinks are full of sugar and caffeine and should not be a part of anybody's daily diet.
Want a boost for sport? Eat better and drink plenty of water.  Drink power smoothies, eat more protein, but please avoid energy drinks!
Due to the insanely large amount of caffeine present, our hearts will be in overdrive and that is very dangerous for a young person. I know they are tasty and ultimately addictive, and the different bright (toxic?) colors are pleasing but they are to stimulate brain action and energy while I see so many young people leisurely drinking them. Or worse, sitting on the sofa sipping on Gatorade. It tears my heart to see this, I don’t even want to touch on the number of deaths linked to this (but never directly linked because the person just had a cardiac arrest).
What is also irritating is how the adverts claim to be better than water for sport! Nothing is better than water because water is the best!
Popular soft drink brands have brought out diet and sugar-free version of their drinks, this should say something at least about the potential dangers of a sugary drink, never mind one also full of caffeine.


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Would you serve your young relation a cup of coffee? Then why pay for the equivalent of 6 cups of coffee!!
This is short, and to the point, but I see too much ease with energy drinks to not at least attempt to open some eyes to their dangers.
Don't like drinking water? Add some fresh juice to it like strawberry or lemon!


Vimerson Health.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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