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The Importance Of Reviews For Modern Day Consumers

November 02, 2021

The Importance Of Reviews For Modern Day Consumers

“Leave a review”
“Share your feedback”
It is nearly impossible to shop nowadays without being badgered to give a testimonial on the product. It is quite annoying and suffocating. You wouldn’t get bothered like that if you bought your items in an actual store.
But here's the catch, you are not in a store, you are online. You are making a purchase where you are unable to pick up the product, look at it from all angles, feel it. You depend on the feedback of others, using their eyes to make a virtual evaluation of the product.
The amount of people who leave a review is frighteningly low. I did some rummaging in the Amazon Seller Forums and found that on average 1-5% reviews are left versus products sold! So for a new business that is only 1 review for every 100 products sold. Imagine those who are not sharing, the insight they have to the product that you are considering yet afraid to purchase due to the lack of reviews. If I want to buy a spatula I want to know if it will be suitable for my Bosh dishwasher, using my Sun products, at the low environmentally-friendly temperature I set the dial to. And someone out there, guaranteed, has experience with these exact criteria.
You know what, reviews could be THE most important aspect of the shopping experience. Think about it. What is the most important facet of a product page online that gives you that last push to the shopping cart?
A product could be the best out there on the market - best quality, best efficacy, even best customer service is important, but if that product does not have reviews then are you going to choose it? Even though this product could be exactly what you need. A reviewless product is uncertain.
Many people do leave reviews, but many don’t. For those who do not, do you not realize the empowerment in helping someone make the best choice? If it is an appliance for the kitchen, a new shirt for work, or trainers to go run track, your opinion matters. You are helping someone make a choice, just like someone helped you make your choice.
For you to know, it is not ethically correct to trade something for a review. There are many websites and companies that offer heavily discounted or free products, sometimes even cash for reveiws. Are these reviews real? Are they honest? Amazon doesn’t seem to think so! And neither does Vimerson Health.
Even if a product gets negative reviews then at least the company will know that they need to pull this product NOW and change it.
Honest reviews that are not traded are the only way forward. The next time you purchase something online consider sharing your feedback, for you are helping someone out there make that correct choice and helping that company grow and create the high quality, effective products you like.  
Commerce has developed so that now it’s the consumer who decides, controls the market, this is you. No more Madison Avenue slogans, it’s what Bob6537 has to say that counts.
What’s your opinion?
Vimerson Health.