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The Perfect Way to Shower

by Vimerson Health August 08, 2016

The Perfect Way to Shower


Most people shower daily. This is a recommended practice for those who exercise every day, live in humid hot places, and work in physically demanding or dirty jobs. If you are not included in any of these groups, it is advised to have a shower with more space in between as the body has natural protective oils that soap and water can wash away.


Hot steamy showers may feel good and relaxing but it also dries your skin as it removes natural oils. This is why it is suggested to choose lukewarm temperature, and if you want to enjoy a hot moment just spend some minutes and then turn to a smoother temperature.

Be Careful with the Loofah

Having a loofah to spread soap on your body is very common. The recommended lifetime of this element is two months, and then you should renovate it as it is a suitable breeding place for bacteria. If not you can use your hands instead!

The Right Spots

Washing every inch of your body might not be as good as you think. Soaping up your whole body actually strips your skin of necessary oils, especially in areas like your shins or arms. Concentrate on the areas that have a high density of sweat gland such as underneath the breasts, armpits, groin and buttocks.

Bonus Tracks

The wet and warm environment softens your skin, allowing dead cells to slough off more easily. This is why it is good to take some extra minutes to either shave or use a pumice stone on your feet.

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