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5 Indoor April Fools Pranks

by Vimerson Health Team April 01, 2020

5 Indoor April Fools Pranks

Your home can easily turn into an intricate cave of April Fools boobie traps, and why not make the most of it! As it has been said for centuries, laughter is the best medicine. So I hope you can play today and laugh! Here are my 5 favorite innocent and easy pranks:

The Hair Dye

Dip a piece of string into some paint. Then fix it using pins across the door, just where your ‘preys’ hair is going to be touched. Call them immediately to where you are and when they enter the room the string will brush off their hair thus coloring it. You have to act fast though before the paint starts to drip on the floor and give away your prank! (make sure the string is tied high so as to not hurt the neck)

The Shaken Thirst

As an activity play with your ‘prey’ who can eat the most salty crackers at the same time. Let them win. When the competition is over and you are laughing together, you put your arm around them in good sportsmanship and offer them a soda in a can. I think you know what's next! Yip, have that can well shook and see the surprise on their face!!

The Hidden Surprise

Intercept your preys movements and place yourself behind doors, walls, entries and jump out at them when they come upon them. All. Day. Long. A sure way to annoy someone but after all, it is April Fools Day - if they fall for it over and over again then they are surely a fool!

The Sponge Cake

Literally what it says. Spend your afternoon in the kitchen “baking your cake” and don’t let anyone in. Melt some chocolate. Using cleaning sponges, line them up in a log and cover them with melted chocolate. Everyone is going to be so excited to eat this cake, yet so surprised when it's cut into. A great one to fool the kids!

The Mummy

Someone in your household bought too much unnecessary toilet paper? Cover their belongings in it. I mean everything, but to an extent that you can reuse the paper after, no need for waste after-all!! Their laptop, favorite chair, cell phone (each time they put it down), their dinner plate, their TV, their book, their favorite picture on the wall - everything and anything. If you are really smart toilet paper covered items will be uncovered for days, weeks even, to come.

Just remember, it's not not fun if your ‘prey’ is not laughing!

Share below your favorite pranks too.


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Vimerson Health Team


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