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The Constant Search For Balance

by Denis (Website Developer) October 25, 2016

The Constant Search For Balance

With time we learn balance is a key factor for our happiness. Work is not everything, being the best at something isn’t everything either, and focusing on ourselves alone only isolates us from the world.

So little by little, with the experiences we have, we become aware of how the different aspects of life need to coexist in harmony for us to live fully.

This is quite a big challenge, and we would like to take a few minutes to share some insights with you in case you are interested.

Accept How You Feel At Each Moment

It is a very common error to assume that balance is found in the disconnection of the negative feelings or events. But if we take a few minutes to really think about this premise we will surely find it unreal and not very practical.

Real balance is found in the acceptance and experience of those not-so-nice emotions such as anger, sadness, and melancholy, to name a few. Imagine how much imbalance you could reach by trying to avoid any kind of discomfort feeling at all.

Embrace them, live each one of them as they present themselves, and let them go when you feel the time has come. Suppression will not help you though it may feel like a good choice on desperate times.

You Don’t Have To Be Always In Control

We are raised in a society that teaches us to control as much as possible in order to be in charge and successful. Sometimes we take this aspect of our lives and take it too far.

The awesome experiences in life are discovered when we adapt to the constant changes. Try enjoying or just finding the way to keep on moving forwards with the new scenario that has appeared. This will affect us and change us, helping us move forwards.

Learning to go with the flow is a very important lesson and enjoyable too. Not having control of everything can be as scary as exciting!

Take Full Advantage Of This Opportunity

Balance comes and goes constantly, so trying to achieve it is a constant search that results on a fleeting moment. This process is really enriching if you learn to open up to it. Rediscover balance in a new way by letting go of the prejudices that label every moment as a failure. Every objective not achieved yet is a new lesson lived and learned.

Open your mind to discover new activities, hence, new experiences and feelings.

Choose To Disconnect

A lot of our anxiety is fed by the constant connection with our cellphones, computers and TV. Choose wisely how you want to spend each moment and turn off these devices for a few hours at night or even during the weekend.

You will instantly notice how different your interactions are, or even your special moments alone. Practice your meditation, stretch, rise in the morning with some yoga, read a book.

Your whole body will experience quality time that is much needed. Have a real connection with yourself or with your loved ones. Or both :)

Denis (Website Developer)
Denis (Website Developer)


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