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Tips to Start Meditating

by Vimerson Health Team June 27, 2016

Tips to Start Meditating

Meditation is a very popular practice nowadays. It trains our mind to master our consciousness, whether to achieve a specific benefit such as coping with a chronic pain or to identify content we may be missing in our hectic routine.

This activity provides numerous benefits to our overall wellbeing as it impacts in a physical and mental aspect. It gives people tools to be able to focus on the present being and be able to live it fully. Not a small thing, isn't it?

We have gathered key tips to help those people who want to start meditating. It can be an interesting challenge as we are not taught to relax and concentrate in ourselves when we are young. So practicing as an adult will require a lot of patience, dedication, and what I found the most difficult thing, forgiveness.

We really hope you try it if this is something you are attracted to do. Meditating is a moment we take to meet with our inner selves, the real, authentic us. Here are our useful tips!

Don't Start With a Full Stomach

It is suggested to avoid meditating after eating as this may lead to falling asleep very easily.

Try meditating in between meals or with and empty stomach. You can also try it after a light meal or snack.

Choose The Time And Place Wisely

As this is meant to be a relaxing moment, it is wise to choose a nice and quiet place and time. Do your best to avoid any interruption, turn off your TV and cell phone. Consider this your quality time to be with yourself.

With time you will be able to meditate anywhere, including noisy places. But to get started we strongly suggest a silent place.

You can choose to meditate for 2 minutes or 30. It will be easier to start with a few couple of minutes and then increase minutes as you get more practice.


Before you start, stretch. Take some minutes to close your eyes and feel what movements are the ones your body needs before starting the activity.

This helps you connect with your current state. Move and stretch as you please so when you start meditating you can keep the practice for some minutes uninterruptedly and in more comfortable way.

It will also help you take a pause from the hectic rhythm you bring.

Take a Sit

Make sure you are comfortable. One option is to sit down on the floor or on a chair with an upright column. Neck and shoulders must be relaxed, hands in your knees with your palms up. Fingers can be united so you can feel the energy or relaxed with palms up to the sky.

The other alternative is lying on the floor facing up. This is a challenged position as it is more likely you fall asleep while meditating. This is why we suggest you start sitting down and then change to the horizontal position if you feel like trying it.

Slow Down

Close your eyes. Focus on your breath. Inhale slowly with the intention of getting the air to your stomach and not to your chest. Hold it for a few seconds and exhale gently. Repeat.

Notice that after a couple of reps you will be able to breathe slower and slower.

Keep your body in a comfortable position and your muscles relaxed. If there is any place where you feel tension is building up, try easing it.

Your facial muscles also need to relax. Identify which is your current tension (while having your eyes closed and practicing your breathing) and slowly work on relaxing each expression. You mouth may be left open as a consequence.

Enjoy Your Journey

Let your breathe be your guide. You may be distracted by thoughts that pop up: ¨I have to buy groceries¨, ¨Did I turn off the light before leaving?¨, ¨What will I cook for dinner today?¨. Let these come and go, but not master your moment.

Identify how your body feels as your meditation progresses. Feel the energy flowing around. Nurture from it.

We suggest you set up an alarm to know your time has been fulfilled. This way you can really lose your watch and don´t worry about it.

When you decide to end this moment, take the time you need to open your eyes and start moving your body again. Recognize your current feelings and the space around you.



Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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