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Top 4 Motivational Tips

by Vimerson Health Team April 28, 2020

Top 4 Motivational Tips

We are all in this situation together, even if we are far away from our friends and loved ones. Solidarity! What I have noticed now though is that there is a current lull amongst people, regardless of age or location. This is a very unusual situation we are in and even though at the beginning we were all overflowing with amazing ideas to ‘better ourselves’, they have somewhat faded into the background where they usually lived. 

If you have stopped trying to learn a new language or workout 3 times a week then do not feel ashamed, you are not the only one! Sure, our social media is full of people and celebrities working out and living the stay-at-home order like a dream, but there are not many posting about their failures, their pushing aside of their lockdown goals.

Here are some ideas I have found to remotivate myself, which I hope will help you too!

1. Think Positive, therefore Be Positive

Our minds are very powerful yet we don’t push it enough for our own wellbeing. Sure, we study, we work, we think of others, but we often forget to think of ourselves. If you are finding it difficult to get positive, to begin with, consider starting a Grateful Journal. At the end of each day write down the things that make you grateful. In the beginning, your list may be repeated daily but after a few days, you will find yourself adding the smallest of details which will end in helping you bring back the positivity to your daily life. 

What you give out is what you get back, so if your vibes are positive then your life will be all positivity.

2. Do it for yourself

If your goals are for the benefit of someone else then you may find great difficulty in completing them. I have found that some of my personal goals were in fact to please others, and so they got left behind. For example, my weight-loss goals. I wanted to please and conform to society. But it made my workouts strenuous and too far apart. Once I had rewritten this goal to be for my own satisfaction I found myself eager to work out more. Your personal reasons could be medical, or aesthetic, but as long as they are for YOU and not someone else then you will do it.

Another example. If you want to paint something, don’t do it with thinking of what others will think of it. Do it like no-one is ever going to see it and you will be happy to do it, and happy with the result.

3. Think in the now

Thinking ahead in these uncertain times will get us nowhere. Unless we are a prominent voice in government decision making we do not know what is going to happen. All I can advise is just concentrate on the now. Make a list of everything that needs to be done now. If you can’t help but think of the future, at least think of what you do now will help make the change for your own personal future.

If my lockdown goal is to learn a new language: practicing a bit every day will have me someday in the future speaking that language. I am not going to think about when will I ever be able to use this new language, if I will. This is something that I want to do, that I have always wanted to do, so I am going to do it.

4. Be Inspired

Inspiration is one of the best forms of motivation. The question is tho, from whom or what are you inspired? If you are artistically inclined then perhaps your favorite painting is an inspiration for you. Can’t afford it? Can’t afford the copy? Save it as your computer desktop! And each day when you turn on your machine you will be inspired. 

If your inspiration is a literary or motivational speaker, or an actor or politician, find an inspiring quote of theirs and write it out and stick it on the wall, on your mirror, or on the refrigerator. Wherever you will see it.

One thing I do advise is to change your inspirational people into positive ones, research them, follow them on twitter. And who knows? Perhaps they are the motivational push you were needing.

So, to make a long story short, you are not alone, there are many of us losing our good self habits, our patience, our motivation. All I can advise is just to keep your chin up and make the conscious decision to be motivated.

Please share below in the comments your failures and wins so we can all learn together - we are a community after all!

Keep Healthy & Keep Happy

Vimerson Health.

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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