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Happiness: The Basics

by Vimerson Health Team March 10, 2021

Happiness: The Basics

Happiness. It’s a word that’s thrown around a lot but rarely looked into properly. We all want to be happy. However, relatively few of us have taken the time to truly understand what happiness is, why we want to be happy and what we can do to help ourselves achieve this. Here at Vimerson Health, we’re changing the world by putting happiness first. This includes the happiness of our team, customers and anyone else we come into contact with. We aim to do everything that we can to spread happiness on a day to day basis. Here’s some information on the subject that will hopefully help put a smile on your face!

What is Happiness?

We all talk about happiness a lot. Most of us know what makes us feel happy and will seek out these people, activities or things as often as we can. But have you ever considered what happiness actually is? Put simply, happiness is an emotional state that we associate with feelings of joy, contentment, satisfaction and even fulfillment. While we may all have individual and unique ideas of happiness, it is generally agreed that happiness revolves around positive emotions and general life satisfaction.

Why Happiness is So Important

We all want to lead long and happy lives. But why exactly is happiness so important to us? Well, on top of making each day more enjoyable and fulfilling, being happy can result in:

  • Better physical health
  • Better emotional health
  • Better mental health
  • Better relationships
  • Having an easier time navigating challenges

How to Tell If You Are Happy

There are distinct moments when you can feel momentarily happy. These states of euphoria tend to be set off by short term stimuli, such as a compliment, being given something, buying something you want, seeing something beautiful and more. But you don’t have to be in this constantly euphoric state to deem yourself truly happy. Instead, happiness should be seen as when you experience more positive feelings and thoughts than negative ones in your day to day life. It’s important to remember that happy people experience a whole range of human emotions - including negative ones such as fear, anger, upset, sadness and more. This is completely natural. The key to happiness is simply making sure these are less common than emotions that make you feel good.

Pursuing Two Types of Happiness

Some people find it easier to find happiness in their lives by actively pursuing two different types of happiness. These are officially referred to as “hedonia” and “eudaimonia”. Some will refer to these casually as “pleasure” and “meaning”. Hedonia is happiness that is derived from pleasure. This is the kind of happiness you feel when you eat a food you love, hug a loved one, watch a great film and other similar activities. Eudaimonia is derived from activities that give your life purpose and meaning, such as achieving long term goals, fulfill your responsibilities and help others. While both of these types of happiness are important, it’s also important that you practice moderation with each. Pure hedonism can be unhealthy, as can overworking yourself to achieve long term goals and responsibilities.

Achieving Happiness

Remember that happiness isn’t an endpoint that you can reach and tick off your list. Instead, it’s an ongoing process and a lived experience. Sure, it’s something that you can work towards. But once you feel that you are happy, you’re going to have to work to maintain this happiness and you need to be prepared to face challenges along the way. Some key factors to focus on when seeking happiness include:

  • Health and wellbeing
  • Family, friends and pets
  • Fulfilling work
  • Financial stability
  • Hobbies and interests

Of course, incidents and circumstances can make feeling happy seem difficult at times, but by focusing on maintaining and nurturing these areas of your life, you can give yourself the best chances of feeling happy as possible.

Different people have different understandings of happiness. Different things will make different people happy. Regardless of what you’re looking for from happiness, or what will help you to feel it, some of the information we’ve outlined above should help to get you off to the best start possible!

What does happiness mean to you? Comment below to let us know!

Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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