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Red Cabbage Salad (Raw)

by Vimerson Health Team February 03, 2020

Red Cabbage Salad (Raw)

When I saw that huge head of red cabbage the first thing I thought of was homemade ‘slaw! But considering my new healthy eating plan, mayo and mustard is no longer in my cupboards (they are, but not for my consumption!) I have kicked out all condiments from my diet because I figure they are like sodas - unnecessary and unhealthy. They are there to ‘give taste’ to your meal, but if you cook will enough then you won’t need them! So that is coleslaw out… a shame I know, but there are other tasty ways to eat cabbage, and I do find that red cabbage has an extra special flavor than regular white cabbage. It also looks more fun so that’s a winner for any accompanying salad. Serve this at a dinner party or BBQ (when weather permits) and you will surely get those nods of approval. (My kids also love it because it is purple!)

What you need:
(source everything locally and organically where possible)

  • Half a large head of red cabbage
  • 8 radishes
  • 3 carrots
  • 1.75 cups of red kidney beans (or 1x15oz can)
  • Chia seeds
  • Mustard seeds

You want your cabbage, radish and carrots all shredded, so whether you have a machine, or a handheld peeler, start shredding those veggies! Making these salads is much easier with a machine, and it was certainly worth the investment; otherwise, I would be looking at that cabbage slowly rot in my fridge. 

Throw it all into a large salad bowl. Rince the kidney bean and add them, then sprinkle with a healthy serving of chia seeds, and mustard seeds to taste. Dribble with Olive Oil and you have got yourself one healthy delicious salad. 

This is a versatile recipe. Try adding apples, or use apple cider vinegar as part of your dressing. Add garlic, onion, chives or leeks, pumpkin seeds, or celery. Whatever your winter salad taste buds desire, do not hesitate to add it. 


Vimerson Health Team
Vimerson Health Team


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