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Mind Ease

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  • One serving of Mind Ease contains 200mg of Feverfew Extract and 75mg of PA free Butterbur Extract. These traditional ingredients have been used for centuries to provide mind discomfort relief. *
  • White Willow Bark also provides discomfort relief by helping your body to maintain healthy inflammation levels. These easy-to-take capsules provide a convenient way to benefit from this unique ingredient. *
  • Ginger is a health hero, offering a whole host of benefits. We’ve added Ginger Root to our Mind Ease supplement to help you maintain healthy inflammation levels, which can contribute to discomfort relief. *
  • Rosemary contributes to mind ease by assisting blood flow to the brain. While it is commonly used in cooking, few of us get enough in our diets to benefit from it. Each Mind Ease serving contains 200mg of Rosemary Extract. *
  • Mind Ease is made in the USA in a GMP-certified, NSF-certified facility with ingredients from around the world. Each batch undergoes third-party testing and each capsule is non-GMO, vegetarian and free from caffeine, magnesium citrate, gluten and dairy. *

Why choose us


Our team of experts work tirelessly to formulate supplements that work, choosing quality, globally-sourced ingredients that are then made into supplements in the USA. Mind Ease is made in the USA in a GMP-certified, NSF-certified facility.

Each ingredient in every batch of Mind Ease is carefully selected and tested for identity to ensure that what you get inside the bottle is exactly what it says you’re getting on the label - Feverfew Extract, Butterbur Root Extract, White Willow Bark Extract, Rosemary Extract and Ginger Root.

We know that a lot of people experience mind discomfort and are seeking relief through easy-to-take supplements. We want our Mind Ease supplement to help as many people as possible, so we’ve made sure that it is non-GMO, vegetarian and free from gluten, dairy, soy, nuts and egg.

We also have a completely unique 100% guarantee! If you're not entirely satisfied with any of our products, you are eligible for a one-time full refund and free replacement for the specific product(s) that did not meet your expectations. Simply get in touch within 2 months of your purchase to apply for your refund and request a free replacement product. This policy applies exclusively to the affected product(s) and cannot be applied to other products in your order. The one-time refund and replacement offer is limited to one-time use per customer. There is no need to return the product(s) to us.



Per serving (2 capsules)

Ginger (Zingiber officinale, Root) 500 mg
White Willow Extract (15% salicin) (Salix alba, Bark) 400 mg
Feverfew 12:1 Extract (Tanacetum parthenium, Leaf and Flower) 200 mg
Rosemary 4:1 Extract (Rosmarinus officinalis, Aerial parts) 200 mg
Butterbur extract (15% petasin) (Petasites hybridus, Root) 75 mg
Other Ingredients: Hypromellose (Capsules), L-leucine, silica, and rice flour


FEVERFEW and BUTTERBUR have been used for centuries for their mind easing properties. Both originate from plant families which you probably know better than the ingredients themselves - Feverfew belongs to the Daisy family, while Butterbur belongs to the Sunflower family. These mind-friendly ingredients are renowned for providing neurological support, assisting brain function, and providing relief from mind discomfort. We’ve used extracts of Feverfew and PA free Butterbur to make sure that you get a good dose of these traditional, mind-supporting ingredients*.

Chances are, you haven’t tried WHITE WILLOW BARK before, but this unique ingredient is popular amongst those seeking discomfort relief, and for good reason! White Willow Bark has been used for centuries to balance inflammation levels. Maintaining healthy inflammation levels can, in turn, provide mind relief*. This is why we’ve added 400mg of White Willow Bark extract to our easy-to-take Mind Ease capsules.
ROSEMARY is a popular ingredient in cooking thanks to its bold, lemon-pine flavour. But did you know that it can help with mind discomfort too? Rosemary has been found to assist blood flow to the brain, which is essential for healthy brain function. Most of us tend to only use Rosemary as a herb in our meals, but the average person doesn't get a whole lot in their diet. Our Mind Ease capsules offer 200mg of 4:1 Rosemary Extract, ensuring you get enough to experience this herb’s unique benefits.*
GINGER is often used in meals, drinks, and snacks due to its bold and unique flavour. However, this peppery plant root has a lot more to offer than merely taste alone - it also comes with a host of health benefits! These vary from stimulating immune response to assisting the digestive system, supporting joint and muscle health, and more. But the reason we’ve included Ginger Root in our Mind Ease supplement is that it maintains healthy inflammation levels, contributing towards discomfort relief.*

60 Capsules – 30-day Supply



How to use


Take 2 capsules with food only as needed or as directed by your healthcare provider.

For best results Vimerson Health products should be used alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise



For adult use only. Do not use this product if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Consult a healthcare practitioner before use if you have asthma, peptic ulcer disease, or any other medical condition if you are taking any anticoagulants or products containing acetylsalicylic acid (ASA), other salicylates, or medications known as CYP3A4 inducers. Do not use it if you are allergic to plants of the daisy family. Discontinue use and contact your doctor if you are experiencing any adverse events including allergic reactions. Consult a healthcare practitioner for use beyond 4 months. Remember you should not take dietary supplements as a substitute for a varied balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle.*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


Click here for Proposition 65 warning.


  • Gluten Free GLUTEN FREE
  • Made in USE with Global Ingredients MADE IN USA
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Pedro J.
United States United States

Excellent Product, Loved

I have been taking this product for 2 months and the truth is that the result has been excellent in my health, energy levels and more. I really recommend this product. The quality is great. I am using a lot of products of Vimerson Health and all are Great

Vimerson Health Mind Ease Review

WARNING: consuming this product can expose you to chemicals including Arsenic (inorganic arsenic compounds) which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and Lead which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.

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